Hairchitecture by
FAHR 021.3 and Gijo

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Hairchitecture by FAHR 021.3 and Gijo

Portuguese architects and hairdressers have collaborated on these coiffures inspired by architectural structures.

Hairchitecture by FAHR 021.3 and Gijo

Hairdresser Gijo challenged FAHR 021.3, a group of Portuguese architects working in Berlin, to bring their ideas and methods into his salon.

Hairchitecture by FAHR 021.3 and Gijo

The resulting hairdos are inspired by the architectural and fashion styles of the '60s and '70s.

Hairchitecture by FAHR 021.3 and Gijo

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Hairchitecture by FAHR 021.3 and Gijo

Here's some more information from FAHR 021.3 and Gijo:


A group of architects and a renowned hairdresser join together with a common goal, sharing the joy of creation and interaction with the public.

Inspired by his work experience in New York, Gijo challenged different architects on designing a Haircut line. After few contacts he found FAHR 021.3, group of portuguese architects working at that time in Berlin, an open experimental field. Motivated by the European Capital of Culture in Guimarães 2012, they propose an idea to merge two creative methodologies, Architecture & Hairstyle. Where you least expect are sometimes created the most peculiar ideas.

The hairstyle appears as fusion of hair and geometric shapes. Playing with the extension of the face, developing lines with acute angles. The geometry absorbs the organic shape of the hair, evoking architecture and fashion of the 60s and 70s.

The haircut is defined by a demonstration of the line as part of the architectural design. The result is an asymmetric line and visible layers, underlined with color. Hairulers were used to give the desired effect.