Explore design and technology innovations with top Dezeen and MINI Frontiers movies

After 18 months exploring the intersection between design and technology, our multi-award-winning collaboration with MINI has come to an end. From music-making gloves to glow-in-the-dark trees, here's our round up of the five most popular movies in the series. Read more »

Designer Frank Kolkman hacks 3D printer components to build DIY surgical robot

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Royal College of Art graduate Frank Kolkman has built an open-source machine that could enable people to perform keyhole surgery on themselves using a Playstation controller (+ movie). Read more »

Electric Happaratus glove enables wood and stone to be sculpted by hand

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in this movie filmed at the Royal College of Art, graduate Morten Grønning explains how he adapted an electric kitchen knife to make a prototype glove for carving hard materials. Read more »

Virtual reality will allow architects "to change the world like a god"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: architects will soon be walking clients through digital models of their designs, says 3D visualiser Olivier Demangel, who built a virtual replica of a house he saw on Dezeen to showcase the technology (+ movie). Read more »

Fleet of robots by The Workers allow the public to explore galleries by night

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: last year London studio The Workers built a fleet of robots that allowed the public to remotely explore galleries and museums from their computers at home. In this interview, studio co-founder Tommaso Lanza explains how they did it (+ movie). Read more »

Microdevices that mimic human organs could replace animal testing

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Harvard University's Human Organs-on-Chips was crowned Design of the Year 2015 this week. Scientist Tony Bahinski explains how the chips could one day replace animal testing (+ movie). Read more »

Superflux research project imagines London patrolled by a fleet of drones

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Superflux has built a series of drones, which the London studio suggests could one day be used in cities for surveillance, traffic control and advertising (+ movie). Read more »

All-in-one digital table for Ikea suggests recipes based on leftover ingredients

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: a team of students have created a concept kitchen table for Ikea, which acts as an integrated cooking hob and dining table and can suggest recipes based on ingredients you put on it (+ movie). Read more »

Jaime Hayón uses marble and ceramics to create "fantastical urban landscape" for MINI

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in this movie filmed in Milan, Spanish designer Jaime Hayón explains why he used traditional craft materials in his installation showcasing MINI's new electric scooter concept. Read more »

EcoLogicStudio transforms cladding system into a bioreactor with Urban Algae Canopy

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in this movie Marco Poletto of ecoLogicStudio claims the integrated algae farm and cladding system his practice will showcase at the 2015 Milan Expo could be used to power cities in future. Read more »

MINI's augmented-reality glasses allow drivers to see through the body of their car

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in this exclusive video interview, Jörg Preißinger of BMW Group Research and Technology explains how the prototype augmented-reality glasses his team have developed can make the solid parts of a car appear transparent. Read more »

MINI's Citysurfer scooter concept anticipates a car-less future for urban areas

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in this exclusive video interview, MINI's head of design Anders Warming explains why the car brand has developed a foldable electric scooter concept. Read more »

Amy Congdon's couture fashion integrates textile design and tissue engineering

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in this movie, designer and researcher Amy Congdon explains how tissue engineering could be used to grow new biological textiles for the fashion industry. Read more »

Boundaries between analogue and digital tools "are becoming irrelevant"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: digital technology is infiltrating all aspects of design and making, according to Dries Verbruggen of Belgian design studio Unfold, who has transformed a set of wood and brass tools into digital measuring instruments (+ movie). Read more »

Marlène Huissoud uses insect by-products to develop new materials

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: French designer Marlène Huissoud explains how she produced a range of "glass" and "leather" objects using resin collected from beehives and silkworm cocoons in this movie from Eindhoven. Read more »

Drones can "weave structures in space in just a few minutes"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in the second part of our video interview with Ammar Mirjan, the architect explains how drones with cable dispensers attached can be used to quickly build lightweight architectural structures. Read more »

Drones can "collaborate to build architectural structures"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: architect and researcher Ammar Mirjan explains how drones could be programmed to construct buildings in the first of two movies about the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in architecture. Read more »

3D scanning will be used to create "unique fitted clothing"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: industrial designer Leonie Tenthof van Noorden, who uses 3D scanning to produce bespoke dresses, claims the technique will soon be commonplace in fashion stores (+ movie). Read more »

3D-printing with living organisms "could transform the food industry"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: food designer Chloé Rutzerveld has developed a concept for "healthy and sustainable" 3D-printed snacks that sprout plants and mushrooms for flavour (+ movie). Read more »

Mass customisation "can be the future of fashion," says Knyttan co-founder

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Ben Alun-Jones of Knyttan explains how customers can create bespoke knitwear at the company's "factory of the future" and claims mass customisation is transforming the role of designers (+ movie). Read more »

Imogen Heap's music gloves could help disabled people "fulfil what's in their head"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: the Mi.Mu gesture-control gloves developed by musician Imogen Heap could lead to more accessible ways of making music, say early adopters of the wearable technology (+ movie). Read more »

Lilian van Daal's 3D-printed Biomimicry chair shows off "a new way to create soft seating"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Dutch designer Lilian van Daal claims 3D-printing can replace traditional upholstery techniques to produce spongy-surfaced furniture in this movie filmed in Eindhoven. Read more »

Growing products from fungus could be the start of a "biotechnological revolution"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Amsterdam designer Maurizio Montalti explains how biological organisms such as fungi could be harnessed to create new sustainable materials in this movie filmed in Eindhoven. Read more »

Teresa van Dongen's bioluminescent lamp is "a new way to create light"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Dutch designer Teresa van Dongen explains how she created a lamp powered by bioluminescent bacteria usually found on octopuses, in this movie filmed in Eindhoven. Read more »

3D-printed structural components will lead to "new building shapes"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Salomé Galjaard of engineering firm Arup says 3D-printed building components will result in more efficient and diverse architectural forms (+ movie). Read more »

Solar-powered cars could become standard "within 30 years"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: engineering student Martijn Lammers, part of the team behind the world's "first solar-powered family car," claims most vehicles could be powered by the sun in future. Read more »

Blond and Bieber's dyes made from algae "don't harm nature at all"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in this movie filmed at Dutch Design Week, Essi Johanna Glomb and Rasa Weber of Berlin studio Blond and Bieber explain how algae can be used to create completely non-toxic textile dyes. Read more »

The interface between technology and
design holds "answers to the future"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in this movie filmed in Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week director Martijn Paulen explains why he invited technology universities to be a key part of this year's event. Read more »

Integrating programming and design will "totally change the world"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: teaching young designers computer code will have profound consequences claims Technology Will Save Us, whose DIY Gamer Kit was acquired by MoMA last week.  Read more »

Dominic Wilcox: "I'm deadly serious about being playful"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: playfulness is essential to creativity claims London designer Dominic Wilcox, who says that creatives should not "worry about what other people think" (+ movie). Read more »

The city of the future "will be both physical and digital"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: cities in the future will exist in both a physical and digital form says William Trossell of 3D-scanning company ScanLAB, who claims the lines between the two "will become increasingly blurred" (+ movie). Read more »

Future tourists could "travel the virtual world instead of the physical"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: advances in 3D-scanning technology could enable virtual tourism by providing a "life-like experience" of faraway places says architect Pernilla Ohrstedt (+ movie). Read more »

Advances in digital technology could make "time travel possible"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: advanced 3D mapping of our built environment could one day allow us to "stop and rewind time," claims London designer Keiichi Matsuda (+ movie). Read more »

You can "spot what software has been used" to design a building

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: popular software packages are influencing the way new buildings look says Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, who calls on architects to develop their own code rather than using "off-the-shelf" solutions (+ movie). Read more »

Architects could become "closer to game designers or filmmakers"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: architecture education is failing to understand how technology is changing our cities says Keiichi Matsuda, who foresees the profession “splitting into two parts” thanks to digital advances (+ movie). Read more »

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers showcased "provocative ideas" for future travel

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs introduces this round-up of our Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition on the future of mobility, which took place last month during London Design Festival. Read more »

Pernilla Ohrstedt demonstrates how "our world will be captured in digital form"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in the final behind-the-scenes movie about our Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition, Pernilla Ohrstedt explains the concept behind her stand design for the show. Read more »

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez to present "personalised avatars for your vehicle"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in the penultimate preview of our Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition, which opens to the public tomorrow, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez shows us how he will generate personalised 3D-printable driving companions for visitors at the show. Read more »

Keiichi Matsuda to "explore the future of the city" in new film

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: London designer Keiichi Matsuda shows us how he is making his new film about the future of augmented reality in the next preview of our Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition. Read more »

Car design and production could "start to show biological adaptation and mutation"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in the next preview of our Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition, we visit Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg at the RCA workshop where she's been making 112 miniature cars to create a "model ecosystem" of vehicles. Read more »

Lucy McRae experiments with negative pressure to "prep humans to go to space"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: artist Lucy McRae shows us the experiments she's been doing with emergency blankets and vacuum cleaners in our second behind-the-scenes preview of next week's Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition. Read more »

Behind the scenes with Dominic Wilcox making his "stained-glass driverless car"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in the first of a series of preview movies running up to the Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition next week, designer Dominic Wilcox shows us the car he is making out of stained glass for the show. Read more »

With smart textiles we can "download new colours or patterns" to our clothes

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Francesca Rosella of interactive fashion brand CuteCircuit claims advances in digital "smart" fabrics will revolutionise the fashion industry, allowing us to download new styles for our clothes rather than buying new garments. Read more »

Advances in digital interfaces will lead to a "new beginning in music"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Roland Lamb, inventor of the squishy-keyed Seaboard piano that won the Designs of the Year 2014 product category, claims we are on the cusp of a new generation of "multidimensional" digital musical instruments. Read more »

Personalised "bubbles of heat" could replace inefficient central heating

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: architect Carlo Ratti claims the heating system he developed with MIT, which uses motion sensors to focus beams of infrared radiation on people as they move through a building, can be "one order of magnitude more efficient" than traditional methods. Read more »

Driverless cars will "capture a virtual replica of the real world," says Pernilla Ohrstedt

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: architect Pernilla Ohrstedt's stand design for the Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition will visualise the 3D data driverless cars use to navigate, which she claims will gradually produce a "perfect" digital model of our cities. Read more »

3D weaving can "reduce cost and improve structural integrity" in architecture

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: RCA graduate Oluwaseyi Sosanya shows us the 3D-weaving machine he invented, which he claims could be used to create better sportswear, medical implants and even architecture. Read more »

The "first man-made biological leaf" could enable humans to colonise space

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: RCA graduate Julian Melchiorri says the synthetic biological leaf he developed, which absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen just like a plant, could enable long-distance space travel. Read more »

Lucy McRae to vacuum-pack exhibition visitors to "prep the body to go to space"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: artist Lucy McRae explains how she plans to vacuum-pack visitors at the Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition in September to prepare their body for long-haul space travel. Read more »

3D-scanning technology will enable cities to exist in "both a virtual and a physical form"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: the advancement and proliferation of 3D-scanning technology means we will soon be able to explore a life-size digital replica of the real world, claims ScanLAB co-founder William Trossell. Read more »

Digital bobbleheads are the "provocative future" for cars, says Plummer-Fernandez

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: designer Matthew Plummer-Fernandez is reimagining the dashboard figurine as a personalised avatar to help drivers communicate with cars for the Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition this September. Read more »

Dominic Wilcox to build driverless car made out of stained glass

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: designer and inventor Dominic Wilcox explains why he is making a stained-glass driverless car for our Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition in September. Read more »

Cars of the future could evolve and mutate "like biology"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg explains how cars made from biological materials could change and adapt to their environments, which she is investigating for our Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition. Read more »

Augmented reality road markings and signage "could be applied as a digital layer"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: London designer Keiichi Matsuda explains how augmented reality could transform the way we navigate the city in the first of our video interviews with designers participating in our Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition. Read more »

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition: the future of mobility

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: six cutting-edge young designers will present radical visions for the future of mobility at a major exhibition during London Design Festival this September (+ movie).  Read more »

Growing a "giant artificial reef" could stop Venice sinking

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in the second part of our interview with Rachel Armstrong, the senior University of Greenwich lecturer explains how a synthetic "limestone-like" support structure could be grown underneath Venice to prevent the city's foundations being eroded. Read more »

"Growing a city from the bottom up" could save the human race

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: developing "living architecture" could help humanity survive, claims senior University of Greenwich lecturer Rachel Armstrong, who is investigating how we could grow a city in space. Read more »

Brain scanning could be used to design "scientifically perfect" products

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: scanning people's brains to learn about their preferences "opens up new possibilities" for designers, according to Merel Bekking, who has designed a range of "perfect" products based on data from MRI scans.

Read more »

MIT Media Lab's shape-shifting table top is "equivalent to the invention of painting"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: computer scientist Hiroshi Ishii claims MIT Media Lab's Transform project consisting of thousands of physical, motorised "pixels" should be considered a completely new creative medium. Read more »

Why not "take a photo through gestures" rather than pushing a button?

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: the way we interact with technology "needs to be updated", according to Talia Radford of taliaYstudio, who shows us two of her studio's projects that enable people to take a photo by kissing rather than pressing a button.  Read more »

Drawing in 3D will soon be as "intuitive as sketching with paper"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: architects will soon be able to walk around inside 3D sketches of their projects and edit their designs as they go, according to the team behind the revolutionary Gravity Sketch 3D drawing pad. Read more »

Clothes will shrink to fit "at the push of a button" within five years

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: micro-robotics and 3D-printing are poised to revolutionise fashion, says the designer of Lady Gaga's bubble-blowing dress, in the second part of our interview with Studio XO. Read more »

Lady Gaga's flying dress offers vision of how "we may all travel in ten years time"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: created for Lady Gaga, the Volantis is the world's first flying dress and heralds the beginning of a new era for human flight, says designer Benjamin Males. Read more »

Computers that "understand us as much as we understand them" will transform design

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in this exclusive preview, Alexandros Tsolakis of lighting studio United Visual Artists explains their dramatic laser installation for MINI that opens tomorrow in Milan. Read more »

These gloves will "change the way we make music," says Imogen Heap

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in this exclusive video interview, musician Imogen Heap demonstrates the electronic gloves that allow people to interact with their computer remotely via hand gestures. Read more »

Glowing trees could be used "instead of street lighting" says Daan Roosegaarde

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde is exploring ways of using bio-luminescent bacteria found in jellyfish and mushrooms to create glow-in-the-dark trees that could replace street lights. Read more »

Software advances are "blurring boundaries between design disciplines"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: architect and designer Daniel Widrig explains how he uses technology borrowed from the special effects business to design everything from jewellery to skyscrapers. Read more »

3D-printed mushroom roots "could be used to build houses"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: designer Eric Klarenbeek, who displayed a chair made out of 3D-printed fungus at Dutch Design Week in October, says the technique could be used to create larger, more complex structures. Read more »

Wearable technology will "transform the doctor-patient relationship"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: wearable technology will revolutionise healthcare for doctors and patients alike, says the director of design studio Vitamins in our final movie from December's Wearable Futures conference. Read more »

Wearable technology needs to "transcend the world of gadgets"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: integration with the existing fashion supply chain is crucial to the development of a successful wearable technology industry, says solar-powered dress designer Pauline van Dongen. Read more »

Synthetic materials can "behave like living cells"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: scientists are combining non-living chemicals to create materials with the properties of living organisms, says the creator of a self-repairing shoe made from protocells. Read more »

Advances in design software mean "materials are becoming media"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: new technologies mean the design process is becoming akin to "creating a Hollywood film," says designer Francis Bitonti, who created a seamless 3D-printed dress for burlesque dancer Dita von Teese. Read more »

Microbes are "the factories of the future"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Suzanne Lee of BioCouture explains how she makes clothes that are "grown using bacteria" in this movie filmed at the Wearable Futures conference in London in December. Read more »

Virtual and augmented reality technology will converge in digital "contact lens"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: augmented and virtual reality visualisation technologies will soon be combined in one device, says Andy Millns of 3D production company Inition in the final part of our interview. Update: this interview is featured in Dezeen Book of Interviews, which is on sale now for £12. Read more »

Augmented reality devices "in your eye" will change how we see the world

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: augmented reality technology will revolutionise the way we navigate cities, says Andy Millns of 3D production company Inition in the second part of our interview. Read more »

Advances in virtual reality will "blur the line between what's virtual and what's real"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: in our first movie looking at the interface between design and technology, Andy Millns of 3D production company Inition claims virtual reality will soon become almost indistinguishable from the real world.  Read more »

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers launches today

Today we're launching Dezeen and MINI Frontiers - a major, year-long collaboration with MINI that will explore how design and technology are coming together to shape the future. Read more »

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Augmented reality demonstration at Dezeen's Imagine Shop for Selfridges

This movie we filmed at Dezeen's pop-up shop of the future at London department store Selfridges demonstrates how augmented reality technology could transform retail. Read more »

Dezeen's Imagine Shop at Selfridges features augmented-reality watch store and Zaha yacht

Dezeen has teamed up with London department store Selfridges to present a futuristic concept store, featuring an augmented-reality watch store and a walkaround digital model of Zaha Hadid’s £300 million superyacht (+ slideshow). Read more »

Clothes that change colour according to climate by Lauren Bowker

Wearable Futures: alchemist Lauren Bowker has embedded ink that changes colour depending on different climatic conditions into a feathered garment (+ movie). Read more »

Journey to Space capsule for space tourists by Priestmangoode

A capsule that will float passengers to the edge of space and offer views of the Earth's curvature has been designed by British studio Priestmangoode (+ movie). Read more »

Test flights approved for world's first practical jetpack

News: New Zealand firm Martin Aircraft Company has been given permission by the country's Civil Aviation Authority to conduct manned test flights on what it claims is the world's first practical jetpack. Read more »

Robot surgeons to operate on beating human hearts

News: robots could soon be operating on beating human hearts while a surgeon based in a different part of the world directs the procedure remotely, according to a designer working on a new generation of medical equipment. Read more »

Synthetic creatures could "save nature" says Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Synthetic living creatures would be released into the wild to save endangered species and clean up pollution under this futuristic proposal by designer Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (+ slideshow + interview). Update: this interview is featured in Dezeen Book of Interviews, which is on sale now for £12. Read more »

Olafur Eliasson's tears used to make human cheese

Bacteria from personalities including artist Olafur Eliasson, curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and chef Michael Pollan have been used to make human cheese as part of an exhibition about synthetic biology in Dublin. Read more »

"Cyborg scenario" will see computers in the brain replace wearable tech

News: surgically implanted chips that feed digital information directly into the brain will supersede wearable technology, according to the co-founder of a leading 3D imaging studio. Read more »

"Immersive virtual world" by Gareth Pugh and Inition installed at Selfridges

Visitors to London department store Selfridges can take a virtual reality tour created by technology company Inition inside a helmet by fashion designer Gareth Pugh (+ slideshow). Read more »

Google unveils collection of Google Glass spectacles and sunglasses

News: spectacle-wearing tech fans will soon be able to use Google Glass for the first time after the tech giant today unveiled four designs for frames to hold prescription lenses (+ slideshow). Read more »

Google's "smart contact lenses" could help diabetics monitor blood sugar levels

News: scientists at the Google[x] research facility in California are working on contact lenses containing tiny electronics that could constantly monitor glucose levels in the tears of people with diabetes. Read more »