RMAA divides concrete house in São Paulo into day and night segments

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RMAA divides concrete residence in São Paulo into daytime and nighttime quarters

This concrete residence in the state of São Paulo is split into a "night floor" and "daytime floor", designed by architects office RMAA to provide different levels of connection with a forest-facing patio (+ slideshow).

LG House by Reinach Mendonca

São Paulo-based RMAA designed LG House for a one-hectare site bordering the picturesque forest near Bragança Paulista, a commuter town around an hour north of the city.

LG House by Reinach Mendonca

The studio chose to divide the 1,137-square-metre residence into areas for daytime and nighttime use.

Sliding floor-to-ceiling glazing creates a light-filled ground floor, which by day can be opened up to a patio overlooking a pool and the forest. The upper storey provides a more secluded and secure nighttime retreat for the residents.

LG House by Reinach Mendonca

"The programme of this house is divided between daytime area and night area," said the studio, which is led by architects Henrique Reinach and Mauricio Mendonça. "The night area is on the higher floor, to provide warmth and safety in this period."

LG House by Reinach Mendonca

"On the other hand, the daytime area is on the lower floor with full connection to the outside and the garden," they added.

The building further divided by the generous patio, which separates the structure into two parallel blocks. An elevated walkway extends across this patio, connecting the two blocks.

LG House by Reinach Mendonca

The first block is single storey and contains parking space for five cars, as well as bedrooms and service areas for staff. The family's main living spaces is housed within the second volume, which comprises two storeys.

LG House by Reinach Mendonca

The gentle slope of the site means the entrance block is set level with the upper storey of the second block, while its base is sunken out of sight of the entrance.

LG House by Reinach Mendonca

The floor plan is duplicated, giving each level its own kitchen, combined living and dining area, and suites of bedrooms – emphasising the night and day division.

The ground level bedrooms are primarily used by guests, while those on the upper floor are occupied by the family.

LG House by Reinach Mendonca

Sliding glazing pulls back to open the living space at ground level to adjoin a double-height terrace, which faces the forest and is shielded from the sun by slabs of textured concrete and latticed wooden screens.

Slender black metal pillars support the upper storey, giving it a stilted appearance. Here the family's main lounge has glass walls looks out over the terrace and pool below, and the forest beyond.

LG House by Reinach Mendonca

Brooklyn studio Fake Industries Architectural Agonism and local architecture firm Aixopluc followed similar protocol when creating seasonable quarters for a family within a single house.

They created a property in eastern Spain that has an openable ground floor to be used exclusively in summer months and a more contained first floor for the winter.

Photography is by Nelson Kon.

Project credits:

Architecture: Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados
Authors: Henrique Reinach e Maurício Mendonça
Team: Fernanda Almeida, Tony Chen, Victor Gonçalves, Camila Osele, Taís Vieira, Luena Vettorazzo, Raquel Gonçalves, Silvia Mori, Venâncio Alves, Flávia Henriques, Manuel Tojal, Guilherme Nakata, Lucas Ferreira, Lucas Pohl, Alessandra Musto, Caio Tritto, Olivia Uliano
Landscape design: Luciano Fiaschi Aquitetura Paisagistica
Lighting design: Franco Associados
Lighting design structure engineer: Benedicts Engenharia
Mechanical engineer: Zamaro
General contractor: CPA Engenharia e Construções

LG House by Reinach Mendonca
Site plan – click for larger image
LG House by Reinach Mendonca
Lower ground floor plan – click for larger image
LG House by Reinach Mendonca
Ground floor plan – click for larger image
LG House by Reinach Mendonca
Section one – click for larger image
LG House by Reinach Mendonca
Section two – click for larger image