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Dezeen's #milanogram2016 highlights: day one

Milan 2016: it's day one of Milan design week, the world's biggest and most important design fair, and over 1,000 images from around the city have already been posted to our #milanogram2016 hashtag on Instagram. Click through to see a selection of the best photographs.

Instagram continues to be the tool of choice for visitors looking to find the the hottest attractions in Milan during the city's annual design fair, and we've been inundated with photographs posted under our #milanogram2016 tag.

Many of the exhibitions for this year's event don't open until tomorrow, but designers have been posting images of their preparations while early visitors explore the city's landmarks.

Designers including Tom Dixon, Benjamin Hubert and Lee Broom have also been uploading sneak previews of their products and exhibits, while Dezeen's team of journalists have been chasing interviews and seeking out the best shows and products at press previews.

For the first of a series of daily highlights, we've selected seven of the best images posted to #milanogram2016.

A photo posted by Ilana Seleznev (@studio_rdd) on

Atelier Biagetti's No Sex show caused a stir, as performers dressed as nurses paraded around a courtyard to loud music.

Described by Biagetti as a cross between an "innocent pleasure house" and a "happy clinic", the exhibition is designed to emulate a space where people might go to receive treatments or cures.

Inside, the space features stools and lounges designed by the studio set against a medical-style interior.

No Sex is on show at Piazza Arcola 4, Milan, for the duration of the city's design week.

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London studio Raw Edges' Herringbone furniture collection is also proving popular on the #milanogram2016 tag.

The studio, led by designers Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer, created the tables, chairs and a screen by staining planks of untreated jelutong and pine wood in buckets of colourful dyes, each placed at a 45 degree angle.

Raw Edge's Herringbone collection is on show at the Spazio Sanremo in Milan's 5vie design district.

The Shit Evolution exhibition is grabbing attention too. Visitors walk through darkened rooms on crap-covered floors surrounded by crumbling Roman walls in the basement of the space.

Products made from Merdacotta – processed cow excrement mixed with clay – are displayed in each room, alongside art installations and video exhibits.

The Shit Evolution is on show at via Santa Marta 18, Milan.

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Dezeen's editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs attended Max Lamb's exhibit at Nike's The Nature of Motion show, which features giant blocks of granite, aluminium and polystyrene floating on cushions of compressed air.

Nike's The Nature of Motion is located at Via Orobia 15, Milan.

UK designer Sebastian Cox is among those posting preparation shots of their installations. Along The Lines of Happiness is large wooden structure comprising a skeletal frame and intricate ribbon-like swathes.

Along The Lines of Happiness can found at Via Festa del Perdono 7, Milan.

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