10 of the most creative office interiors from Dezeen's Pinterest boards

Google's flexible workspace featuring bright red shipping containers and a meeting area with five-metre-high trees are included in this week's Pinterest roundup, which focuses on office interiors.


99c's office by Inhouse Brand Architects

A bright red shipping container encases a cosy waiting room at the entrance of 99c's office, which Inhouse Brand Architects designed with pine and chipboard to contrast with the building’s otherwise industrial form.

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Squint/Opera's Melbourne office by Sibling

Sibling installed a grid system into Squint/Opera's office, inspired by the film and visualisation work produced by the digital animation studio. The grid defines workspaces that the staff can personalise by attaching custom-made plant containers, hooks and screens to the bars.

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Masquespacio's office by Masquespacio

Masquespacio designed an office to reflect its Memphis Group-inspired products. The studio's signature use of bold colours and contrasting materials is visible throughout, using marble, plywood and lacquered MDF to create all the cupboards and surfaces.

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Fold 7's office by Paul Crofts Studio

Paul Crofts Studio fitted Fold 7's office with sunken seating areas dressed with turquoise cushions to compliment the company's branding. The ceiling is decorated with human-scale sculptures, by artist Michal Trpák, which dangle from umbrellas.

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Beats by Dre headquarters by Bestor Architecture 

A bright double-height office space with niches in its walls features at the Beats by Dre headquarters in Los Angeles by Bestor Architecture. Finished with primary colours, the casual workspace accessed by completely red corridors is filled with Scandinavian furniture.

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Onefootball HQ by TKEZ

Employees of Onefootball can practice their football skills in these headquarters designed by TKEZ, which features goal posts and a three-lane running track. Weaving between meeting rooms and open desk areas, the track forms the office's circulation space.

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Google Campus by Jump Studios

Throughout the open-plan flexible workspaces in the seven-storey Google Campus, Jump Studios integrated a number of shipping containers to accommodate informal meeting rooms, lockers and kitchens.

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Office Lenne by KAMP Arhitektid

This disused Soviet-era factory is now home to Lenne's office in Estonia, which is modelled on a forest. KAMP Arhitektid installed angular wooden rooms and workspaces inside the previously the empty hall, alongside five-metre-high trees with real trunks.

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Airbnb's Singapore office by Farm

The interiors of Airbnb's Singapore office is influenced by building typologies and materials found on the Malaysian island. Farm modelled the reception space on a Singaporean front porch, which is enclosed in traditional ventilation blocks.

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Clarks Originals headquarters by ARRO Studio

An eight-metre-long wooden table sits at the centre of this old factory, which once formed part of Clarks' first industrial site. To reflect the history of the building, ARRO Studio incorporated factory-shaped volumes that house the studio's meeting rooms and offices.

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