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10 movies demonstrating the changing role of robots

Whether they're being punished, moulding pottery or constructing pavilions, robots are more like humans than ever before. We've selected 10 short movies from our latest Facebook video series that prove it.

The Punishment

Despite being completely innocent, this robotic arm is being forced to write lines promising not to commit future crimes against humans, in an installation exploring the looming threat of automation.

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Humanmade by Charlotte Nordmoen

Could robots replace human labourers? Charlotte Nordmoen posed this question with a robotic potter that features a silicone finger for shaping clay.

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Voxel Chair by The Bartlett

A robot 3D-printed this intricate chair using a continuous line of melted plastic. A team from The Bartlett Design Computation Lab created the software to open up new possibilities for 3D printing.

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Ori by MIT Media Lab and Yves Béhar

Responding to the growing interest in micro homes, MIT Media Lab partnered with designer Yves Béhar to create a robotic furniture system that can reconfigure itself to fit the needs of residents in tiny spaces.

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Octobot by Harvard

A team at Harvard have developed a soft-bodied robot shaped like a cartoon octopus. It can move by itself thanks to a hydrogen-peroxide reaction that occurs inside its silicone body.

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ICD ITKE Research Pavilion 2016/7 by University of Stuttgart

Drones assisted robots in the construction of this carbon-fibre pavilion, designed by researchers and students from the University of Stuttgart to resemble silk hammocks spun by moth larvae.

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Fish on Wheels by Studio Diip

In an attempt to liberate pet fish, Dutch design collective Studio Diip added robotic wheels and sensors to an aquarium tank, enabling its inhabitant to drive itself around by swimming in a certain direction.

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Gita by Piaggio

Piaggio has developed a personal droid that can follow its owner while carrying shopping. But it can also perform deliveries and pick-ups autonomously.

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Cassie by Agility Robotics

This bird-like robot walks on two legs and has hip joints that allow it to move with similar flexibility to humans. It was designed by Agility Robotics to deliver aid to disaster areas.

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Somnox pillow by TU Delft

This robotic pillow could replace a significant other and combat sleepless nights by gently "breathing" in and out as users hold it close. It can also play soothing music through built-in Bluetooth speakers and emit gradually increasing light to simulate a sunrise.

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