This week, Sirius was saved and a controversial ring sculpture was halted

This week on Dezeen, one of Sydney's only brutalist buildings was saved from demolition while a proposal for a giant ring-shaped walkway in Wales was put on hold after opposition from locals.

The Sirius building was given a second chance, after a court ruled against the government decision not to heritage list it.

Iron Ring installation by George King Architects
Plans put on hold for "deeply offensive" Iron Ring sculpture at Wales' Flint Castle

Architect George King unveiled plans for a huge ring-shaped walkway to be built beside a Welsh castle – but the proposal was soon halted after critics labelled it a "deeply offensive" symbol of oppression.

In US news, a ring-shaped concourse was proposed to extend Los Angeles' Union Station and engineers came up with a potential fix for San Francisco's sinking skyscraper, which has just descended another inch.

"Don't spend money you don't have" and "don't be afraid to be an asshole," architects advised

Elizabeth Diller discussed gentrification caused by projects like the High Line in an exclusive interview and we summarised business tips given by executives from BIG and Zaha Hadid Architects during a talk moderated by Dezeen.

The UK announced a ban on the sale of all diesel and petrol vehicles from 2040, while India become the first economy to say no to driverless cars in order to project jobs.

Rolls-Royce unveils new Phantom car
Latest Rolls-Royce Phantom incorporates an art gallery in its dashboard

In other car news, Rolls-Royce unveiled a new version of its luxury Phantom vehicle, which incorporates an art gallery in its dashboard.

The UK also moved to regulate drones this week with a registration scheme and safety-awareness tests, while a US tech company raced into the future by offering to turn employees into cyborgs with microchip implants.

Jim Olson expands tiny cabin he built 60 years ago in rural Washington

Popular projects this week included Jim Olsen's additions to a cabin he built 60 years ago, a Malibu home for a Beastie Boys rapper and a brutalist-style London home.

We also continued our coverage of this year's graduate shows, with highlights including a kit for curing smartphone addiction and a proposal to rebrand China.