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Freddy Mamani's New Andean Architecture in El Alto, Bolivia

"Adventurous architecture often gets thrown out the window"

In this week's comments update, readers are debating Freddy Mamani's decision to inject colour and personality into Bolivian city El Alto. 

In your face: photographs showing Bolivian architect Freddy Mamani's attempts to slowly transform El Alto, adding colour while also using ancient local architecture and craft, have divided readers.

"The worst and ugliest thing I've ever seen," said Shape Mem Doc.

Spadestick seemed to agree: "A 10-course meal with rotten ingredients – both client and architect stuff themselves with this gruel."

"I like it," countered Elrune. "They're fun and friendly. They say good things about socioeconomic health, as interesting and adventurous architecture often gets thrown out the window as optional in harder times."

"Emerging voices, especially ones that communicate a long-absent local cultural heritage, have a voice at the table," added Jon.

This reader was particularly enthusiastic:

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Gucci blackface

Colour blind: Gucci has discontinued a balaclava jumper featuring a black polo neck and cutout mouth with exaggerated red lips, after the design was accused of resembling black face. Not all commenters agree.

"This can't seriously be offending anyone – it clearly isn't intentionally making reference to any particular race, it's just an unhappy accident," claimed Kob.

Blue Wren disagreed: "Really? No one at Gucci foresaw this? Not one person? Even if there weren't heavy racist overtones, it's just bad design. Who would buy this?"

"They apologise and say thank you for the attention they have been given," added Zea Newland, sarcastically.

Dikkie Smaber went on: "'There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about,' said Oscar Wilde. Watch and learn, the Gucci marketing team creating some free advertising."

Another reader offered this reply:

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Burj Jumeira in Dubai

Thumbs down: commenters are mocking visuals of the SOM-designed Burj Jumeira, a skyscraper in Dubai that will rise from a lake shaped like the fingerprint of the emirate's ruler. 

"The video is a joke," laughed Leo.

Heywood Floyd felt similarly: "I could get behind the architecture, but that marketing video is literally unwatchable. Bombastic Hollywood score, cheesy video game inspired whip pans, fake fly-throughs slapped together with static renderings."

"I assume none of this guy's safes are finger-print locked right?" asked Jospeh Schroeder, in concern.

Johannes had a different idea: "Just go the extra mile and make the tower in the shape of his penis."

According to one reader, Burj Jumeira won't be one of a kind:

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Puma launches self-lacing technology for trainers

Get a grip: reader reaction to Puma's Fit Intelligence trainers, which have laces that can be tightened at the swipe of a finger, has been overwhelmingly negative. Wearers simply swipe upwards to tighten the shoe or downwards to loosen it.

"Wow, thanks Puma," exclaimed Timothee Durand. "I'm so glad to see that in 2019 we are finally tackling one of the most challenging problem of our society."

James elaborated: "Thank God. Now I have time to write that novel."

"Is it really that hard for people, in the best shape of their life, or better shape than anyone else on the planet, to bend over and tie their shoes?" asked Paul.

Allen concluded: "These shoes are perfect for those fitness buffs who spend hours on the treadmill but drive around the parking lot, waiting for a parking space next to the gym's front door to become available."

There was one positive comment though:

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