Crescent Border by INAX
The Crescent Border tiles are one of five INAX products at VDF products fair

Decorative tiles and freestanding bathtub feature in INAX showcase at VDF products fair

Moon-shaped surface tiles modelled on the roofs of traditional Japanese houses are among the five bathroom products that INAX is showcasing at VDF products fair.

Aptly named Crescent Border, the tiles are cut into half-moon shapes that evoke scooped Iraka roofs and form "a laced arrangement that looks like ocean waves" when combined, according to INAX.

The tiles are available with mottled black and white ceramic finishes that are intended to be used either independently or together to create patterns of light and dark.

Cerafine Vessel Basin by INAX
The Cerafine Vessel Basin takes its cues from the curved forms of Japanese Torii gates

Crescent Border is now live at the VDF products fair alongside four other new collections by INAX, including the Cerafine Vessel Basin.

Like the tiles, The Cerafine Vessel Basin also takes cues from the brand's Japanese roots, as evidenced by its gentle curves that are modelled on the form of Torii gates.

S600 Line by INAX
INAX is also showing the low-rise S600 Line freestanding bathtub

S600 Line is a freestanding bathtub and one of two products for bathing that INAX is showing at the fair. It incorporates a tap that doubles as a candle tray and has a low silhouette for accessibility.

The second is the Intelligent Control shower system that is operated by buttons on a control panel that doubles as a bathroom shelf, designed as a space-saving solution for smaller bathrooms.

Intelligent Control shower system by INAX
Another bathing product is the space-saving Intelligent Control shower system

The final product is the minimalist Satis G shower toilet, which is available in black or white with a matte or reflective finish and incorporates an array of automatic functions.

According to INAX, the product is intended to "symbolically express the beauty of light and shadows".

Satis G toilet by INAX
The final INAX product at the fair is the minimalist Satis G shower toilet

Other brands on show at the VDF products fair include Austrian bike brand Vello, US brand Herman Miller and Danish brands Fritz Hansen.

Swiss manufacturer Laufen also recently introduced three collections of bathroom products, including sanitaryware and accessories designed by Marcel Wanders and the Sonar range by Patricia Urquiola.

About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email [email protected].