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Scandinavian design informs Forbo Flooring Systems’ Tessera Struktur 1 carpet tile

Dezeen promotion: UK flooring manufacturer Forbo Flooring Systems said it wanted to capture the "simple and stripped back style" of Scandinavian design in its latest carpet tile offering.

Called Tessera Struktur 1 the flat weave design has a durable microtuft construction that is ideal for heavy traffic areas.

The company said that the carpet tile, which was designed and manufactured in the UK, creates a "balanced ambience" in the interior and is inspired by what it says is a growing trend for Scandinavian design.

Forbo Flooring Systems
Forbo's Tessera Struktur 1 aims to capture the "simple and stripped back style" of Scandinavian design

"The simple and stripped back style of Scandinavian design is continuing to influence architecture and interior design, and it is a trend that is growing in popularity because of the calming spaces that it is able to create," said Chris Rand, the global brand's senior marketing executive.

"Every so often we need to pause, reflect and take a moment to focus on what is really important – and that is the design idea behind Struktur 1."

The subtly textured design is available in 18 colourways including neutral tones such as greys and beiges, as well as muted shades of green, yellow, orange and red to suit a variety of spaces.

The microtuft construction is a new offering from the company and makes the design suitable for interiors with heavy traffic, such as offices, higher education, retail, leisure and hospitality spaces. The microtuft manufacturing process means that the yarns can be fused directly to the carpet tile backing, using around 50 per cent less yarn than a typical carpet tile.

Forbo Flooring Systems
The carpet tile has a flat weave design for heavy traffic

In addition, Tessera Struktur 1 is made with 100 per cent solution-dyed polyamide 6, which offers class 33 durability and colour fastness.

Class 33 means that the carpet has been tested for heavy usage and is suited for areas with very high amounts of traffic and a high amount of expected spilling or soiling.

"Thanks to its microtuft construction, the carpet tile has a unique look and feel, where sometimes less is more," explained Rand. "With a 17 dB acoustic value for reduced noise transmission, Tessera Struktur 1 can help architects and interior designers to achieve their vision of creating sophisticated and minimalist environments."

"Its simplicity also allows ease of combining with other furnishings and the carpet tile can even be installed alongside our Allura Flex LVT, using the same tackifier, and Allura Ease adhesive-free vinyl tiles without the need for transition strips, to create integrated flooring schemes."

Forbo Flooring Systems
Tessera Struktur 1 is designed for high traffic areas

All Tessera tufted carpet tiles are manufactured using 100 per cent renewable energy and Struktur 1 contains 65 per cent recycled content by weight. It also meets the Ska rating criteria – an environmental assessment method – for soft floor coverings in office, retail and higher education schemes.

Find out more about the designs and Forbo Flooring System's full range of products by visiting the website.

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