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Butler bathroom cabinet by Andrea Federici for Falper

Ten contemporary products to elevate bathroom interiors

From stylish water-saving taps to sculptural baths and basins, here are ten contemporary bathroom products from Dezeen Showroom to upgrade any bathroom interior.

Once an overlooked room in the house, bathrooms are increasingly being transformed by designers into luxurious, spa-like spaces.

Here, we have selected products that would enhance any bathroom, including precisely engineered faucets, customisable cabinets and even outdoor bathtubs created by leading designers and brands including Patricia Urquiola, Barber Osgerby and Axor.

Read on to see the latest selection of bathroom products on Dezeen Showroom:

Butler bathroom cabinet by Andrea Federici for Falper

Butler bathroom cabinet by Andrea Federici for Falper

Italian designer Andrea Federici created Butler for Falper, a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet system made from solid walnut or oak, aluminium and glass.

The cabinet was designed with Falper's "lifestyle bathroom" philosophy in mind, where functionality and aesthetics are unified to make the bathroom feel like an extension of living spaces.

The Butler cabinet is highly customisable in that it can be configured with shelves, internal drawers and clothes rails, as well as LED interior lighting.

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Vieques Outdoor bathtub by Patricia Urquiola for Agape

Vieques Outdoor bathroom collection by Patricia Urquiola for Agape

Vieques Outdoor is a bathroom collection created by Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola for Italian bathroom brand Agape, which was originally designed by Urquiola for a Caribbean spa resort.

The collection comprises a stainless steel bathtub modelled on traditional outdoor tin tubs, a rounded washbasin for countertops and a column washbasin for floor drainage. Optional accessories such as an iroko wood backrest and shelf can be installed on the edge of the tub.

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Valvola01 bathroom taps by Studio Adolini for Quadro Design

Valvola01 by Studio Adolini for Quadro Design

Valvola01 is a range of bathroom taps including wall-mounted and floor taps intended for sinks, bathtubs and showers, created by Studio Adolini for Italian manufacturer Quadro Design.

The Valvola01 series combines the charm of traditional industrial taps with conventional hydraulic and gas ball valves with a sleek, modern reinterpretation of bathroom faucets.

The taps are finished in light gold, pink gold or black gold using a thin-film coating process that enhances its durability and resistance against acid solvents and saline corrosion.

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Axor One faucet collection by Barber Osgerby for Axor

Axor One faucet collection by Barber Osgerby for Axor

Axor One is a family of 31 minimalist bathroom faucets created by British design duo Barber Osgerby for German brand Axor.

The collection encompasses wall-mounted taps with slender silhouettes, large shower heads and floor-standing faucets with curved spouts. Included in the range are technology-driven handles that foster "ultra-precise" temperature control and water-saving capabilities.

Each Axor One faucet is finished in chrome, matt black or a wide range of exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces available upon request.

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Shift bathroom accessories collection by VanBerlo for Geesa

Shift bathroom accessories collection by VanBerlo for Geesa

Shift is a collection of customisable bathroom accessories created by Dutch design agency VanBerlo in collaboration with Geesa.

The extensive Shift collection includes perpendicular towel rails, chrome-plated brass towel hooks, toilet roll holders with shelves and single or double glass holders.

All items in the range are modelled on a distinctive rhomboid shape to give the collection a cohesive identity. These come in an array of finishes, including marble, stainless steel and brushed metal options, some of which come with tactile 3D embellishments and graphic patterns.

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A white bathroom with orange accessories

Kartell bathroom fixtures by Laufen

Italian company Kartell and Swiss brand Laufen relaunched its collection of flexible bathroom fixtures including ceramics, furniture, faucets and accessories, which are now available in a number of new colours and finishes.

Products included in the comprehensive series range from ceramic washbasins and toilets to transparent shelving, metallic faucets and stools.

The collection is designed as a study of contrasts: transparent objects contrast solid ceramic products, but the range is unified by its sharply outlined finishes and geometric lines.

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Atelier Collections by Roberto Palomba for Ideal Standard

Atelier Collections by Roberto Palomba for Ideal Standard

Atelier Collections is bathroom brand Ideal Standard's seminal range of minimalist sanitaryware created by Italian designer Roberto Palomba.

The collection, which is characterised by its intentionally pared-back aesthetic, consists of washbasins, baths, toilets, brassware and other bathroom furniture.

The restrained design is complemented by an expansive colour palette and bold finishes, including nude pink, sage green or classic black or white.

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S600 Line freestanding bathtub by INAX

S600 Line freestanding bathtub by INAX

S600 Line is a freestanding bathtub designed to offer a meditative bathing experience, created by Japanese sanitaryware specialists INAX.

The bathtub is designed to accommodate various bathing styles with its low profile and generous depth, which makes climbing in and out of the tub easier.

The S600 Line bathtub features a faucet with a broad, flat surface that allows candles or bath salts to be positioned upon to enhance the calming bathing experience.

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Double Kalos basin by Massimo Iosa Ghini for Devon&Devon

Double Kalos basin by Massimo Iosa Ghini for Devon&Devon

Double Kalos is a duo of basins intended for couples created by Italian architect and designer Massimo Iosa Ghini for Devon&Devon.

Informed by the petal formation of a flower, Double Kalos is composed of two funnel-shaped basins that are unified by a large mirror made up of two overlapping circles shaped like a Venn diagram.

The basins are rendered in a composite material selected for its durability and impact resistance, while the mirror can be backlit with LEDs.

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Geberit's Sigma80 actuator plate in a bathroom

Sigma80 touchless actuator plate by Geberit

Sigma80 is an actuator plate that uses infrared sensors to enable users to flush without touching the plate, created by Swiss bathroom brand Geberit.

The plate is activated when users hold their hand in front of the panel, which lights up to signal it has been actuated. The plate is also available in a version that flushes automatically when the toilet is used.

The lights come in five different colours to suit a wide range of interiors and the glass plate can be coated in black or metal.

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