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Exagres' Imperial porcelain tiles used as flooring and for stairs in a contemporary residential interior and poolside terrace

Imperial porcelain tiles by Exagres among new products on Dezeen Showroom

Porcelain tiles that emulate the chromatic variations of fine-grained stone found in the southeast of Spain are among 10 new products featured on Dezeen Showroom this week.

Imperial porcelain tiles by Exagres

Imperial porcelain tiles by Exagres

Imperial is a collection of porcelain tiles that replicate the appearance and elegance of marble stoneware, created by Spanish tile manufacturer Exagres.

The tiles, which are intended for use as both flooring and wall coverings, are vitrified to make them compact, durable and non-porous. They are also stain and frost-resistant.

Imperial was featured on Dezeen Showroom this week alongside products including a seating system that resembles a friendly caterpillar and a glass lighting sculpture that captures the look of falling leaves.

Read on to see the rest of this week's new products:

Lasvit's Dancing Leaves glass lighting sculpture in light amber and clear hanging above a residential dining table

Dancing Leaves lighting installation by ​​Luděk Hroch for Lasvit

Dancing Leaves is a lighting installation by glass specialist ​​Luděk Hroch for Czech brand Lasvit, designed to resemble the movement of leaves floating in the wind momentarily and then flying away.

The sculpture is composed of a myriad meticulously rendered glass pieces that have been hand-sculpted by master glassmakers suspended in either a round, oval or conical shape.

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Sheets of Ultrafabrics' Coast fabrics in sandy brown, teal, light blues and white

Coast outdoor fabric by Ultrafabrics

Coast is a durable outdoor fabric that offers a stylish option for outdoor living and marine applications, created by textile manufacturer Ultrafabrics.

The fabric has UV-resistant properties and is water-resistant, as well as being able to deflect against mildew and bacteria. It underwent rigorous testing, from being exposed to scorching temperatures to being used in both chlorinated and saltwater, to ensure it is both durable and resilient in any condition.

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Pablo Design's Sky Dome pendant lights suspended in a contemporary kitchen interior

Sky Dome pendant lighting system by Pablo Designs

Sky Dome is a modular pendant lighting system designed for residential and hospitality interiors by US lighting brand Pablo Designs.

The light features spun aluminium and pressed wood shade reflectors that uplight or downlight spaces, thanks to double-sided LEDs that disperse light in all directions.

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Caterpillar seating by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Caterpillar seating by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Caterpillar is a seating system distinguished by its playful, caterpillar-like appearance, created by Australian designer Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot.

Multiple modular seating units can be configured into sprawling arrangements to create curved, winding formations. The seating is available with optional side tables and power sockets that can be integrated within the seats.

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Velvets textiles in green and mint colours rolled up

Velvets textile collection by Dedar

As its name suggests, Velvets is a collection of velvet fabrics that come in an extensive palette of lavish, vibrant colours, created by Italian textile manufacturer Dedar.

The collection includes ultra-soft fabrics for curtains, draping, upholstering furniture and decorative purposes and is made from an array of yarns such as wool, silk, cotton, mohair and linen.

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Gimbal Rocker lounge chair by Justin Champaign for Hightower

Gimbal Rocker lounge chair by Justin Champaign for Hightower

Gimbal Rocker is a lounge chair that comes in high or low back options, created by industrial designer Justin Champaign for US brand Hightower.

The chair is designed to offer optimal comfort through its ability to naturally rock and swivel, which can aid focus and enhance memory and attention for its sitter, according to the brand.

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Talk Carpet's warm-coloured Moche Artisan Carpet used in a bedroom with low lighting

Moche Artisan Carpet by Talk Carpet

Moche Artisan Carpet is a flooring design that pays homage to the artisanal techniques and craftsmanship of traditional Peruvian pottery from the ancient Andean Moche civilisation.

Designed by Talk Carpet, the design borrows the repetitive patterns and bold geometric shapes typical of Moche-era pottery, using a warm colour palette ranging from tan to camel.

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Wooden Tati desk in a bedroom by Mats Broberg & Johan Ridderstråle for Asplund

Tati collection by Broberg & Ridderstråle for Asplund

Tati is a family of home accessories and furniture characterised by its minimalistic arched base, created by Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle for Asplund.

The collection comprises nesting tables, consoles, side tables, coat racks, desks and mirrors with powder-coated bent metal structures that enable them to easily slide into one another.

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Place seating by Ross Gardam

Place lounge seating by Ross Gardam via Twentieth

Available through contemporary design gallery Twentieth, Place is a lounge seating system created by Australian designer Ross Gardam intended for versatile workspaces.

The seating is made up of square and curved modules that can be easily configured into any arrangement and then zipped together, accommodating different working styles ranging from collaborative work to more independent, focused work.

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