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School by Shreesh design studio

Eleven vibrant schools from Dezeen's Pinterest

Following the start of a new academic year in much of the world, searches for school buildings have seen a 60 per cent increase on Pinterest. Here are 11 striking examples from our boards.

Materials including steel, brick and concrete have been used to create the schools in this roundup, which architecture studios have designed to cater for creativity and learning.

Several studios such as Cottrell and Vermeulen Architecture and Trace Architecture Office have also incorporated bright colours into their projects, giving the schools a distinctive identity.

Scroll down to see 11 projects from our school board on Pinterest.

Elementary school

Elementary School Vřesovice, Czech Republic, by Public Atelier and FUUZE

Architecture studios Public Atelier and FUUZE worked together to transform old church buildings in the Czech Republic into this primary school.

The team added blue, yellow and copper-clad cubed structures and renovated the rotting roof trusses of the original buildings.

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Blue, Green and pink steel structures along a curved pathway with school children playing

Indian Preschool, India, by Shreesh Design Studio

Boldly-coloured steel structures make up this preschool in India, designed by Shreesh Design Studio. It incorporates sandpits, grassy landscaping, water fountains and a swimming pool.

The steel buildings are arranged around an amphitheatre and designed to be easily taken apart and rebuilt on another site.

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Colourful school by Trace Architecture

Haikou Jiangdong Huandao Experimental School, China, by Trace Architecture Office

The Haikou Jiangdong Huandao Experimental School comprises a series of bright, curved volumes and rectilinear forms, which are designed to encourage creativity among students.

Chinese architecture studio Trace Architecture Office topped the school with a concrete roof.

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School terraces by People Architecture

Fuqiang Elementary School, China, by People's Architecture Office

People's Architecture Office restructured and extended this blue and turquoise school in Shenzhen to provide more facilities for students.

The studio added cantilevered classrooms, rooftop gardens and deep window nooks that can be used for socialising and studying.

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Marlon Blackwell Thaden School

Thaden School, USA, by Marlon Blackwell Architects

Marlon Blackwell Architects designed a group of asymmetrical, angular buildings for this school in Arkansas.

The five buildings designed by the studio reference traditional local architecture.

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The concrete exterior of the Music School of Bressanone by Carlana Mezzalira Pentimalli

The Music School of Bressanone, Italy, by Carlana Mezzalira Pentimalli 

Monolithic concrete volumes form this music school in Bressanone, Italy, designed by architecture studio Carlana Mezzalira Pentimalli.

The Music School of Bressanone has three floors above ground as well as a basement. Its facade is made from red-tinted concrete to echo the surrounding architecture.

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Monoarchi designs gridded facade with colourful accents for school in China

Hangzhou Chovan Experimental School, China, by Monoarchi

This campus building by Monoarchi in Hangzhou wraps around five small courtyards and features a geometric facade brightened with colourful elements.

Its design was informed by a teaching method from the Ming Dynasty that encourages closeness to nature.

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Belleden Primary School Peckham

Belleden Primary School, UK, Cottrell and Vermeulen Architecture

Grey brick and bright-yellow polycarbonate define the Bellenden Primary School in Peckham, completed by Cottrell and Vermeulen Architecture.

Cottrell and Vermeulen Architecture arranged the school's buildings in a U-shape to enclose several outdoor play areas and courtyards.

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David Brownlow Theatre by Jonathan Tuckey Design

David Brownlow Theatre, UK, Jonathan Tuckey Design

Jonathan Tuckey Design was tasked with designing a theatre for a school in Berkshire, England.

The 528-square-metre building is inspired by Renaissance ecclesiastical architecture and made from cross-laminated timber and red composite cement panels.

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Asrtave Music School by Aurora Arquitectos

Artave Music School, Portugal, by Aurora Arquitectos

Aurora Arquitectos joined two classroom blocks with a bright yellow extension and stair tower at the Artave music school in the village of Caldas de Saúde, Portugal.

Inside, the walls are painted bright orange and red.

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Education building by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

The Aga Khan Academy Dhaka, Bangladesh, by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

British architecture studio Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios created this boarding school in Bangladesh, which comprises a series of four-storey brick volumes.

Outside, a collection of courtyards connected by concrete canopies provide shelter for pupils and feature brick benches and planters.

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