2020 results

by Xiaohui Wang, Valentin Weilun Gong and Lan Xiao

Winner: Wearable design 2020. Dots is an inclusive interface for future spatial-computing, which empowers people to freely interact with future technologies based on their body conditions.

When we shape our future with mixed reality and internet-of-things to link physical with digital, we seem to create a world full of floating AR interfaces and gesture-controlled smart devices. But what about those people without hands or with other disabilities? The designers wanted to explore how we might use future technologies to benefit everyone.

Judges comments: "Giving someone with disability more ability and flexibility is something we should be seeing far more of in design, this project is truly inspirational."

Designer: Xiaohui Wang, Valentin Weilun Gong and Lan Xiao
Project: Dots

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