2020 results

The Porcelain Room
by Tom Postma Design

Winner: Exhibition design 2020. The Porcelain Room represents a contemporary interpretation of a historical Chinese porcelain room.

Commissioned by Fondazione Prada and created by Tom Postma Design, the exhibition explores the historical context, scope and impact of Chinese exports of porcelain. It brings together more than 1,700 individual Chinese export porcelains made from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

It is divided in three sections and conceived as a room within a room. The design comprises of two environments covered in brown velvet, including multiple showcases and an intimate space decorated in gold.

Judges comments: "This is a delicate project with a high aesthetic value. It’s elegant, fun and sensational, showing innovative craftsmanship that explores new techniques. When experiencing this exhibition, one is transported into a different world."

Designer: Tom Postma Design
Project: The Porcelain Room

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