2020 results

Karen Blixens Plads
by Cobe

Winner: Landscape project 2020. Karen Blixens Plads is an undulating public plaza with sheltered parking for bicycles, designed by Cobe in Copenhagen.

The plaza is one of the biggest public squares in Copenhagen and has room for more than 2,000 parked bicycles.

The square has a unique undulating landscape with hollow bicycle hills and low beds, creating a new and innovative way to park bicycles.

The open and welcoming urban space is an innovative and multi-functional design that accommodates and promotes green transportation, climate change adaptation and biodiversity.

Judges comments: "It's impressive - how they made this project feel like a breath of fresh air; it's egalitarian in spirit whilst triggering curiosity. A mix of landscape design and architecture, it offers a great solution to the problem of bike storage in Copenhagen."

Architect: Cobe
Project: Karen Blixens Plads
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