2020 results

Zen and Ion Wall Panels
by Woven image

Winner: Workplace design 2020. Zen and Ion is a series of tactile three-dimensional acoustic wall panels.

Zen and Ion are specially designed to provide a floor-to-ceiling acoustic solutions for commercial office interiors. Inspired by Modern Japonisme, the tactile wall panels reference the clean-lined, minimal, an aesthetic long-associated with Japan.

The design of Zen mimics the lines, curves and grooves of a Japanese zen garden, whilst Ion has a sophisticated textured design evoking an asymmetrical crystalline effect which is inspired by the geometric shapes of origami and folded paper.

Judges comments: "We liked the way that the acoustics and the aesthetics were combined. In this instance, there was an attempt to define the space in sculptural terms and also give the product tactility."

Designer: Woven Image
Project: Zen and Ion Wall Panels

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