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2020 results

Noor E Mobin Primary School
by FEA Studio

Winner: Civic building 2020 Noor E Mobin Primary School in Iran has been designed as an "educational neighbourhood" for children.

The vision of the Noor E Mobin pedagogical plan is to bring up fully-fledged human beings as responsible citizens: people who have high self-esteem with a constructive mentality for their surrounding environment.

The space is no longer enclosed; distances mean something new; and borders are defined by children themselves – alleys are for building up friendships and playing games.

Judges comments: "The school creates refuge. There’s an intimacy and comfort about the scheme when comparing it to the vastness and harshness of the landscape. It makes the school - a small city or community for the children."

Designer: FEA Studio
Project: Noor E Mobin Primary School

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