2020 results

by Yuting Chang

Winner: Homeware design 2020. Plycelain is a collection of multilayered slip-casting drinkware.

The designer created a contemporary version of blue and white ware through applying slip casting, the mass-production technique of ceramics.

Unlike traditional blue and white porcelain, where the decoration is glazed on the surface, Plycelain is built with patterns inside the clay. By adapting the process of slip casting, layers form and subtle blue lines are exposed on the cut surfaces.

The old spirit of blue-and-white is now embedded inside the clay, and has been transformed into a modern geometric profile.

Judges comments: "This is a very unusual idea that shows innovative craftsmanship, timelessness, and the exploration of new techniques with a high aesthetic value."

Designer: Yuting Chang
Project: Plycelain

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