2020 results

The Department of Seaweed Installation and Workshops
by Julia Lohmann and Aalto University

Winner: Sustainable design 2020. Aalto University professor Julia Lohmann designed a pavilion made entirely of seaweed.

At the 50th World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Julia Lohmann's seaweed pavilion encouraged world leaders to make difficult decisions and establish a "do-tank" way of collaborating.

The installation underlined that design can play a major role in realising changes on a vast scale. But we need to redefine design from "we make objects" to "we enable change for sustainability."

The pavilion represents The Department of Seaweed, a community of practice Julia Lohmann founded around the sustainable development of seaweed as a material for making.

Judges comments: "The use of seaweed as a design material is fascinating and beautiful. The way the material is used is very clever and an inspiration for others to experiment with new materials and new processes."

Designer: Professor Julia Lohmann
Project: The Department of Seaweed Installation and Workshops
Read more on Dezeen: Aalto University

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