HyperLip by Sascha Nordmeyer
creates grimacing facial expressions


This plastic prosthesis by French designer Sascha Nordmeyer distorts the wearer's mouth into a tooth-baring grimace (+ slideshow).

HyperLip by Sascha Nordmeyer

Sascha Nordmeyer's HyperLip stretches the mouth apart to reveal the majority of the wearer's teeth and large portions of gum.

"Conceived for people who are just looking for a bit of fun, the prosthesis is a rigid food-safe apparatus that forces a facial expression onto its wearer," said a statement from Los Angeles brand Artecnica, which has just put the HyperLip into production.

HyperLip by Sascha Nordmeyer

Similar to how a gum shield covers teeth, the prosthesis fits around the lips and pushes them outward – holding them in place to distort the lower part of the face.

HyperLip by Sascha Nordmeyer

The bright red-coloured plastic creates an exaggerated lip that completely surrounds the mouth.

HyperLip by Sascha Nordmeyer

Slightly narrower on one side than the other, the asymmetric shape can be worn either way around.

HyperLip by Sascha Nordmeyer

"HyperLip will enhance your communication skills, make you look smart in any circumstance, be a great conversation piece at a party, raise a few eyebrows and it will certainly gets you tons of attention," said Artecnica.

HyperLip by Sascha Nordmeyer

The HyperLip is set to feature as part of a travelling exhibition called Photography Playground, where visitors will be able to take part in photography sessions wearing the product.

HyperLip by Sascha Nordmeyer

Starting in Cologne from 11 September and running until 5 October to coincide with the Photokina imagery festival, the exhibition is also set to visit Amsterdam and Tokyo.

HyperLip by Sascha Nordmeyer

A prototype was also displayed in the Talk to Me exhibition at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 2011.

HyperLip by Sascha Nordmeyer

Other designs that modify the face include a set of prosthetic lips that can be inflated with a hand pump and a stylus that straps over the nose for using touch-screen phones in the bath.

  • Eynak East

    Lip lip it’s a dip, a trip up, a mouth attack clack cackle, a mouthpiece for nothing more than a gum show, some people gonna be asking “SO?!”. What’s the point, it’s a dentist trick made design-ting for the dezeen tick ring. It’s nothing to sing about, write home about, but I guess that’s it, nothing more than a grinning device, might smile twice but thrice is pushing it, can’t see it being a sensational hit.

  • dick_c

    Love it!

  • Gotta get one right away!

  • SCAQTony

    This is vulgar and I almost took you out of my feed. Really? This is design or art?

    • Kobin

      LOL. Vulgar how?

  • treehugger

    This is just useless. It’s not even worth calling it design. Bring us usefull things, not boring disorted plastic pieces of waste. Put in on Instagram and get your likes.

  • gotalighter4

    I’m getting sick of designers trying to insult societies intelligence by pretending we care about their narcissistic marketing fodder.

    • Croissant Terrible

      Look, there’s no money to invest in design and its research. The result is having less chairs and more sh**.

  • oh c’mon, relax…

    “Useless”, but I’m pretty sure that it will make your kids to laugh out loud. If you guys cannot appreciate the value of this laugh, try to sit on that HyperLip. It might help you to become slack.

  • I can’t decide which is funnier, the HyperLip or the angry comments.

  • Ana

    I was about to say I’d love to see someone wear this in real life, then Kanye came to mind.

  • Bangbang_club

    Love it! Awesome photos and product.

  • Bangbang_club

    Love it!

  • cpark

    What’s the point?

  • Endless fun – 2014’s answer to the whoopie cushion. Love the pic of ol’ gramps.

  • Kobin

    If my dentist gave me this it would definitely make me chuckle and hopefully make me feel more relaxed. Not saying that’s the intended function, but that’s just to all those people calling it useless.

    There is such a thing as emotional function. It’s why flowers are pretty and smell nice.

    • sandro

      Agree! We all put on a face. This is a good start.

  • Linda Cole

    My nephew made something very similar when he was 4 years old.

  • Anthony

    I would most defiantly say this is verging into artistic territories. Though people need to relax, there are a few interesting ideas in the HyperLip.

  • chris

    I can use this when flossing.