10 buildings with windows that steal the limelight

Hidden openings, oversized portholes and apertures shaped like houses feature in this week's roundup of popular images from Pinterest, which showcases buildings that use windows as decoration.

The Guild, Indonesia, by RAW Architecture

Huge circular and semi-circular windows link this home and workspace by Indonesian architect Realrich Sjarief with its courtyard garden. One of them incorporates double doors, which fold open over a pool of water.

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Orsi Khaneh, Iran, by Keivani Architects

This timber-framed apartment block takes its name from a traditional sash window made from latticed woodwork and stained glass, designed to reduce the impact of harsh sunlight and intense heat. Local studio Keivani Architects updated the design to add extra facets to the frames.

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House Berhnheimbeuk, Belgium, by Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu

This residence is entirely clad in grey tiles, except for a handful of irregular openings that function as windows. Belgian firm Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu also left gaps in the roof, allowing a large tree to shoot through.

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Spiral Window House, Japan, by Alphaville Architects

Privacy wasn't a priority for the clients of this Osaka house, which is punctured with a succession of horizontal windows that resemble steps. Alphaville Architects arranged the openings to offer different views of the nearby Yodo River.

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SkinnyScar House, Netherlands, by Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman

The windows of this skinny house in Rotterdam, which Dutch architects Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman, include two protruding glass boxes. There are also several "hidden" windows that only show up at night.

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School extension, France, by LT2A

Portholes create windows for the courtyard of this school in Lille. They are covered with mesh, which provides security while still allowing views through.

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Scape House S, Japan, by Kouichi Kimura

A range of different sized windows give this family house in Shiga a hierarchy of views. Kouichi Kimura let some rooms look out to others, and used a narrow window to frame a view of a nearby lake.

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Gablepack, South Korea, by AND studio

One of the more eccentric buildings on this list is an apartment block in South Korea designed by AND studio. House-shaped windows puncture the facade, and their sloping profiles continue inside the building.

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Diamond House, Singapore, by Formwerkz Architects

This angular home by Singapore firm Formwerkz Architects has a huge shard of tinted glazing on its facade. During the day it reflects its surroundings, but at night it emanates a warm glow, as it offers passersby a glance inside.

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Cirqua Apartments, Australia, BKK Architects

Six large round windows are the focal point of this Melbourne apartment block by local firm BBK Architects. The openings flood the contemporary interiors with natural light.

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