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Seven bungalows worthy of an early retirement

While bungalows are generally considered to be a final home for many, the architects of these seven projects made them worth moving into before reaching retirement age.

The Quest, UK, by Ström Architects

Ström Architects went against the grain of the usual retirement bungalow model with this larch-clad home near Dorset,  by cantilevering one end of the property over a wall to create a protected parking spot for a vintage Aston Martin.

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Tepoztlán Bungalow by Cadaval Sola-Morales

The Tepoztlán Bungalow, Mexico, by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

This single storey black concrete holiday home, built as part of a wider transformation project for a growing tourist spot outside Mexico City, is perched on top of a slope to allow visitors take in the views over a nearby valley through its glazed front.

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Escu House by Bijl Architecture

Escu, Australia, by Bijl Architecture

Local firm Bijl Architecture refurbished this 1960s bungalow in Sydney, overhauling the cramped interiors to allow in natural light while wrapping the exterior with a slatted wooden screen to protect residents from the heat of direct sunlight.

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Courtyard Housing, UK, by Patel Taylor

Patel Taylor's concept for this set of bungalows was based on on the traditional English almshouse. Featuring tall brick chimney stacks and half gable profiles, the council-commissioned properties were designed to house the area's retired residents in Barking, east London.

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Leedon Park by Ipli Architects

Leedon Park, Singapore, by Ipli Architects

Ipli Architects implemented a smorgasbord of polished, bush-hammered and board-marked concrete into the design of this garden bungalow in Singapore, at the request of the client; a concrete supplier keen to show off the material of his trade.

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Roof House, Denmark, by Leth & Gori

Pushing the boundaries of the traditional bungalow, Leth & Gori added a selection of angular asphalt-clad roof pods when extending this property in eastern Denmark, which contains elevated sleeping platforms, a study and a pair of funnel-shaped skylights

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Urban Collage, France, by Maison Edouard François

Edouard François' Urban Collage is a social housing project in Paris made up of a mixture of different residential typologies, with gabled bungalows scattered over the rooftops of apartment blocks that are placed on rows of narrow townhouses.

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