Watch our talk about the next generation of architects

Pereen d'Avoine of Russian for Fish, Studio Bark's Sarah Broadstock and recent graduate Samiur Rahman discussed the motivations of architects entering the profession on a panel at Knauf's London showroom.

Dezeen's assistant editor India Block chaired the panel, which is explored the experiences of architects starting out in the industry or setting up their own practice for the first time.

The panellists discussed the challenges faced by young architects today such as maintaining a healthy work/life balance, how to address climate change in their work, and diversifying the field of architecture.

Watch our talk with Knauf on the next generation of architects
On the panel is Sarah Broadstock from Studio Bark

The panel also explored whether young architects' ambitions differ from their tutors and mentors and how the social values of a new generation of architects could affect the built environment.

The panel featured d'Avoine, from Russian For Fish, Broadstock, from Studio Bark, and Rahman, a recent architecture graduate from the University of Greenwich.

D'Avoine is the founding director of Russian For Fish, which works primarily with renovations of houses and workplaces including a home in North London fitted with a vibrant yellow kitchen.

Watch our talk with Knauf on the next generation of architects
Also on the panel is Pereen d'Avoine, founding director of architecture firm Russian For Fish

Broadstock finished her postgraduate degree in architecture this year and is an architect with Studio Bark. In 2018, the studio completed a biodegradable and recyclable house built with cork, and has recently designed a modular construction system that allows people to self-build their own homes.

Rahman has recently completed his postgraduate degree in architecture at the University of Greenwich in London, where his final year project was put forward for the RIBA's President's Medals Award, considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in architectural education worldwide.

Watch our talk with Knauf on the next generation of architects
Recent architecture graduate from the University of Greenwich, Samiur Rahman, is also on the panel

The talk was held in Knauf's London showroom, which opened last year during Clerkenwell Design Week.

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