Altea wall light by Astro used in a pink bathroom

Altea wall light by Astro among new products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Opal glass wall lights designed to create ambient lighting in bathrooms are among seven new products featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Altea wall light by Astro used in a pink and white bathroom

Altea wall light by Astro

Altea is a minimalist wall light designed to sit elegantly beside bathroom mirrors, created by Astro.

The LED wall light is made of opal glass which creates an ambient, diffused illumination intended to flatter the user's complexion.

Altea was featured on Dezeen Showroom alongside products including a bench with a seat made from woven paper and carpet tiles made from recycled materials.

Read on to see more new products featured on Dezeen Showroom:

Detalji bench by Nikari against a white wall

Detalji bench by Jenni Roininen for Nikari

Detalji is a bench with a seat woven from undyed paper, created by Nikari in collaboration with paper yarn specialists Woodnotes.

Meaning "detail" in Finnish, Detalji features Nikari's signature joinery techniques and paper yarn details tied to the ends of the bench.

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Resonance textiles used on an armchair with a concrete staircase in the background

Résonance textile collection by Lelièvre Paris

The Résonance collection is a range of fabrics that reimagines classic patterns such as ikat, stripes and animal print.

The fabrics vary from luxurious jacquards to light linens and were designed by Lelièvre Paris to be mixed and matched together.

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Imperfection carpet tiles used in a bar setting

Imperfection carpet tile by IVC Commercial

Imperfection is a carpet flooring tile made of recycled materials that celebrates the beauty of flaws and imperfections.

The tiles come in three designs and are based on the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which involves finding beauty in that which is incomplete or naturally flawed.

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Enigma coffee table by Hessentia set in a room with a sofa and side table

Enigma coffee table collection by Hessentia

Enigma is a coffee table designed by Hessentia, which features black and white wood tiles that are inlaid around the side profile to create a digital pattern.

Made by expert craftspeople, the collection is available in a range of sizes and brings a distinctive modern element to traditional inlay techniques used in the 18th century.

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Plauto table in a light wood finish with two chairs

Plauto table by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms

The Plauto table consists of a tabletop with rounded edges and leaf-shaped legs, available in a range of woods and finishes.

"The idea behind Plauto table is a sculptural but light guise, designed by a game of balance between straight and curved lines," said the designer.

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A white Yum Yum seat and a green Yum Yum seat places in front of an arched window

Yum Yum seating collection by Lapo Ciatti for Opinion Ciatti

Yum Yum is a seating collection by Opinion Ciatti that consists of soft pouf-like seats with curved ash wood backrests.

The collection comes in a single armchair, extra-large armchair and two-seater sofa sizes that each have pockets on the side.

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