Chord sofa by Part & Whole

Chord sofa by Part & Whole among new products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: a modular sofa that references the design of 1970s seating is among eight new products featured on Dezeen Showroom this week.

Chord sofa by Part & Whole

Chord sofa by Part & Whole

Chord is a modular sofa that combines the aesthetics of 1970s lounge seating with modern construction and upholstery.

Created by Canadian design company Part & Whole, the sofa consists of a corner module, flat back module and backless ottoman that users can combine and arrange in a multitude of ways.

Chord sofa was featured on Dezeen Showroom this week, alongside products including a comfortable chaise longue made from laminated wood and a sculptural coffee table with an inverted cone tabletop.

Read on to see the rest of this week's new products:

Stair table lamp by Oblure

Stair table lamp by Notchi Architects for Oblure

Created by Notchi Architects for Swedish lighting brand Oblure, the Stair table lamp consists of a stepped steel base with a spherical light balanced on top.

Designed as a playful take on geometry and gravity, the lamp is suitable for home and work settings and also doubles as a bookend.

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4PM chaise longue by Massproductions

4PM chaise longue by Massproductions

4PM is a chaise longue designed by Swedish brand Massproductions to provide comfort without the need for upholstery.

Presented at Stockholm Design Week 2022, 4PM is made from laminated wood and has a raised footrest that doubles as a seat or side table.

As homage to the work of Italian designer Enzo Mari, Massproductions has also released a self-build version of 4PM which includes instructions to create the chaise longue from materials found at any hardware store.

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Spirit coffee table by Galerie Revel

Spirit coffee table by Monogram via Galerie Revel

The Spirit coffee table consists of an inverted cone tabletop and a heavy base made from exotic oak, designed by Monogram and sold via Galerie Revel.

The coffee table was designed to have a sculptural appearance and is part of Monogram's upcoming Escales collection, which reinterprets characteristics of 19th-century furniture into contemporary pieces.

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Lumo pendant lights by Zero Lighting

Lumo pendant by Thomas Bernstrand for Zero Lighting

Lumo is a conical pendant lamp that can be customised into different hanging arrangements, designed by Thomas Bernstrand for Swedish brand Zero Lighting.

The pendants can be hung singularly or clustered together with a fitting available in a range of shapes, including a straight line, circle, rectangle, triangle or square.

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Tribù sofa by Studioforma

Tribù sofa by Studioforma

The Tribù sofa is a seating island designed to encourage social interaction, created by Swiss architecture and design practice Studioforma.

The sofa consists of an elliptic walnut wood base with cushioned seats and backrests upholstered in colourful patterns.

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Moci dining table by Asplund

Moci dining table by Moa Sjöberg for Asplund

Moci is an oak dining table that is distinguished by its rounded edges, designed by Moa Sjöberg for Swedish brand Asplund.

The table was awarded furniture of the year in RUM Magazine's Swedish Design Awards 2022, with judges commending the design for its balance of straight and curved elements.

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Koster outdoor furniture by Skargaarden

Koster outdoor collection by Studio Norrlandet for Skargaarden

Koster is a collection of outdoor furniture designed by Studio Norrlandet to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Available from Swedish brand Skargaarden, the collection includes chairs, bar stools and three sizes of tables made from teak wood and UV-resistant rope.

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