Support by Kettal with kitchen element used in an light open plan space

Modular meeting spaces from Kettal feature on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish furniture brand Kettal has presented a selection of modular pods and meeting spaces on Dezeen Showroom, including a garden pavilion design and sound-insulated booths that create additional workspaces in offices.

Meeting Room is an adaptable structure that is designed to accommodate a variety of needs. It features acoustic panels, dimmable LED lights and an audiovisual system.

Metting Room by Kettal in an office space
Kettal's Meeting Room comes in a range of sizes

The design is available in five different sizes, with the smallest comfortably fitting two people for an intimate workspace. The largest size provides a spacious meeting room, which fits up to 10 people.

Meeting Room is made from fabric, wood, metal and glass and also includes an air ventilation system.

Pavilion H outdoor space by Kettal with ambient lighting at night and a pool in the foreground
The side panels of Pavilion H can be customised to suit different outdoor spaces

Pavilion H was created by Kettal to provide a comfortable sheltered seating area in outdoor spaces.

The piece is made up of an aluminium frame with side panels that can be finished in a range of materials, including vertical wooden slats, sheer curtains and grid planters.

The design also comes in various sizes that follow a pavilion-style structure, with sliding doors intended to be left open to connect the interior space with the surrounding garden.

Hub Curved by Kettal in red used in an open plan office
Hub Curved has an adaptable aluminium structure

Kettal's Hub Curved provides flexible yet enclosed meeting spaces within offices.

The structure creates three different zones under one roof. The side panels can be customised with curtains, acoustic louvres, glass and wood panels.

Three Phonebooths in small and large sizes used in a spacious office space
Kettal's Phonebooth pods create sound-insulated spaces in busy work environments

Phonebooth is a meeting pod design that provides a soundproofed space for private meetings and video or phone calls.

The pods come in small, large and extra-large sizes. The small size has a single seat and is designed for one person, while the extra-large size features four seats to accommodate a small meeting.

Support by Kettal with kitchen element used in an light open plan space
Support has an open-plan layout to suit different office needs

Designed to cater to a variety of client and employee needs, Support is a collection of open-plan structures that provide comfortable spaces to gather.

The collection is available in four iterations with different functions, including a reception and lounge area design, a meeting and printing space, a joint reception layout and a design that includes a kitchen.

Support by Kettal in red used in an open light space
The Support collection includes a kitchen design

Kettal is a Spanish furniture brand that was founded in 1966. The brand creates functional and contemporary designs that respond to the needs of modern life, both at home and in the workplace.

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