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Four dual-colour tapestries on a wall

Ten fabrics and soft furnishings with textural interest on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: from upholstery material and wall hangings to rugs and bedding, we've rounded up 10 textile products on Dezeen Showroom that add texture to interiors and outdoor spaces.

The selection includes handmade fabrics created by crocheting, knitting and weaving, and textiles made from recycled or reclaimed materials.

Soft furnishings featured in the roundup include a range of rugs and room dividers, which add a decorative finishing touch to interiors while also providing added insulation or acoustic improvements.

Read on to see the latest textiles and soft furnishings featured on Dezeen Showroom:

Two dual-colour tapestries on a wall

Versus tapestries by Margrethe Odgaard for Ca'lyah

Designer Margrethe Odgaard and Danish brand Ca'lyah created Versus wall tapestries in collaboration with Himalayan artisans.

Referencing the colours of Kathmandu, Nepal, the tapestries are made from wool and silk and come in four dual-colour styles.

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Detail showing blue green upholstered pillows and bench

Outdoor Biobased Xorel fabric collection by Carnegie Fabrics

Material manufacturer Carnegie Fabrics has released a durable textile designed for outdoor environments, which is made from sugar cane.

Outdoor Biobased Xorel comes in a range of geometric patterns and colour combinations and features organic properties that make it weather-, fade- and stain-resistant.

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White Textures fabric used as upholstery on a low chair by Dedar

Textures fabric collection by Dedar

Textures in a collection of upholstery fabric that celebrates the imperfections and irregularities of natural fibres, created by Italian textile specialist Dedar.

The Textures collection includes a woollen fabric called A Perfect Flower that has a balanced warp and weft pattern and a Jacquard chenille textile named Per Inciso, which features contrasting white and coloured threads.

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Three crochet rugs by Gan in a dining room under a wooden table and chairs

Crochet rug collection by Clara von Zweigbergk for Gan

Spanish furniture brand Gan collaborated with graphic designer and illustrator Clara von Zweigbergk to create Crochet rugs.

The rugs come in two sizes – Crotchet Mono and Crotchet Trio – that are both reminiscent of traditional crotchet items.

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Photograph showing bed in concrete-walled bedroom with beige-coloured bedding

009 Heritage Sheets by Ria Dunn for Totum Project

Homeware brand Totum Project and designer Ria Dunn released a range of bedding that takes cues from antique Italian linens.

009 Heritage Sheets are designed to be versatile, long-lasting and reversible, with one side made from linen and the opposite made from cotton satin.

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Different coloured Billow fabric hanging in a showroom space

Billow hanging textile by Almedahls

Billow is a double-sided fabric designed by Swedish textile brand Almedahls, which comes in both neutral and bright colourways.

The fabric has sound-absorbing acoustic properties, making it suitable to be used for zoning open-plan office spaces into divided spaces.

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Photograph showing warm neutral rug and orange leather seat

Sistine rug collection by Armadillo

Australian rug design company Armadillo has released a collection of three rugs named Sistine, which are hand-made from a mixed blend of virgin wool and silk.

The three neutral colourways – named Manuka, Peregrine and Semolina – share a dense pile and mottled surface owing to their hand-knotted production.

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Person laying tablecloth on table

Eterble fabric tablecloths by Eterble

Recycled fabric and sustainable cotton make up Japanese tableware brand Eterble's eponymous tablecloths, which are made in part from discarded tablecloths.

The brand unravels previously used tablecloths that cannot be laundered and reworks the fibres into its signature original textile, which is used to make the Eterble tablecloths.

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Main Line Twist textile by Camira

Upholstery fabric Main Line Twist was designed by British textile brand Camira to represent "a new take on tweed".

The fabric is made using a pioneering twisted yarn made from flax and wool and is intended to have a home-spun quality to it.

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Cloe rug collection by Sit-in

Cloe rug collection by Sit-in

Italian brand Sit-in has created a range of thick-pile rugs that are suitable for use throughout living spaces.

Available in rectangle and circular formats, the Cloe rugs come in a range of colours, including peach, rope, stone, teal, terracotta and vandyke.

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