Pipeline seating by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Pipeline seating by Derlot among nine new products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: a modular system of seating components characterised by its snaking cylindrical backrest is among nine new products featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Pipeline seating by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Pipeline modular seating by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Australian design company Derlot has created a series of versatile seating modules based on space-age aesthetics in collaboration with Alexander Lotersztain.

Pipeline comprises thick, square seats with a cylindrical backrest that lays either along the edge or diagonally across the seat, which when joined together create long continuous tracks of seating.

Pipeline was recently featured on Dezeen Showroom alongside a kitchen extraction hood disguised as a shelf and a lightweight, mobile light with a colourful handle made from a length of thick cord.

Read on to see more of the latest products:

Shelf extractor hood by Falmec

Shelf extractor hood by Falmec

Italian kitchen brand Falmec released an extractor fan that doubles as a sleek shelf for storage and display purposes.

Shelf consists of a 120-centimetre-long fan element that can be extended with additional shelf components on either side.

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Green Quasar portable lamp by Samy Rio for Petite Friture

Quasar portable lamp by Samy Rio for Petite Friture

French brand Petite Friture teamed up with designer Samy Rio on the design of a portable lamp that can be both carried and suspended by a thick woven cord.

Quasar has a durable and light aluminium body that comes in five finishes, and a lighting element that can be adjusted between three brightnesses and three colour temperatures.

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Air Wall extractor hood by Falmec

Air Wall extractor hood by Falmec

Falmec has designed an extractor fan embedded into a slim, tempered glass panel designed to sit against a wall.

Air Wall also contains an ambient light and is magnetic, allowing accessories such as spice racks and small shelves to be attached to it.

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Two Wander mirrors by AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture in a bedroom

Wander mirrors by AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture

Petite Friture has created a collection of playful two-toned mirrors in collaboration with Parisian studio AC/AL Studio featuring translucent frames designed to cast a halo of coloured light.

Wander mirrors have a geometric central reflective panel in the centre and come in three two-tone colours and three sizes.

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Three wooden chair with circular white and green upholstered seats by Ca'lyah

Tranquebar seating by Boris Berlin for Ca'lyah

Designer Boris Berlin and Danish brand Ca'lyah have released a series of chairs featuring intricately embroidered seats and backrests.

The Tranquebar collection is made from oak timber and its richly coloured, ornate decorative panels were informed by Berlin's trips to India.

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Lava coffee table by Matand with cedar wood base and white tabletop

Lava table by Matang via Galerie Revel

Sold by Galerie Revel, design studio Matang has created a table that features a top made from stone sourced from a volcano in France.

Lava table's base consists of upright lengths of burnt cedar wood that is wrapped in lengths of cotton rope that has been naturally dyed to a burnt orange shade.

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Two blue Neotenic lamps by Jumbo NYC for Petite Friture

Blue Neotenic lamp by Jumbo for Petite Friture

New York-based designed company Jumbo collaborated with Petite Friture to release a new colours for its Neotenic lamp.

The new Blue Neotenic lamp shares the original release's chunky, tubular form and has a rich cobalt-blue hue.

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Black Stile collection tiles by Casalgrande Padana

Black Stile collection tiles by Casalgrande Padana

Italian tile manufacturer Casalgrande Padana has released a colour for its Stile collection tiles that has a crisp, blue-black hue.

Black Stile collection tiles share the same colouration yet are available in a range of patinas, sizes and treatments suitable for use in both residential and public interiors.

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