2018 results

Lightform LF1
by Lightform

Winner: Digital Design of the Year 2018. Lightform LF1 is a new design tool for projected augmented reality, also known as projection mapping.

Lightform LF1 lets anyone with basic design skills create immersive augmented reality experiences using ordinary video projectors, without needing a screen or headset.

The system consists of the LF1, a small computer and camera system that works with most projectors, and Lightform Creator, the companion content creation software. Within Lightform Creator, users can quickly design compelling visuals with a suite of smart projection mapping tools and instant effects, enhanced by the LF1's onboard computer vision.

Judges comments: "This digital design encourages creativity and conviviality. It’s a great tool that democratises the use of AR, opening it up to people of all backgrounds, not just designers."  

Designer: Lightform
Project: Lightform LF1
Winner of: Digital design of the year

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