2018 results

Bamboo Sports Hall
by Chiangmai Life Architects

Winner: Civic and Cultural Building of the Year 2018. This school sports hall in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was built by local bamboo specialists Chiangmai Life Architects.

Modelled on the petals of a lotus flower and constructed using only bamboo, the zero-carbon sports hall is in keeping with the school's "green" ethos. Combining modern organic design with 21st century engineering, the intricate bamboo structure is left exposed throughout the interior and used to create arched openings around the edge of the hall.

"The design and material enable a cool and pleasant climate all year round through natural ventilation and insulation. At the same time, the exposed bamboo structure is a feast to the eye and an exhibition of masterly handicraft," said Chiangmai Life Architects.

The 782-square-metre sports hall in Thailand is conceived to hold about 300 students and hosts basketball, volleyball, badminton and futsal – a variation of football. As well as courts, there is a stage, storage room, and balconies that provide space for visitors to observe sporting events or shows.

Judges comments: "This beautifully designed structure transforms the sports hall, the most formulaic of educational spaces, into a place of celebration that could continue to change its use. This is a school where people can care about the spaces where they learn."

Architect: Chiangmai Life Architects and Construction
Bamboo Sports Hall
Winner of:
Civic and cultural building of the year
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