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Atelier NL

Winner: Designer of the Year 2018. Dutch design studio Atelier NL reshapes local raw materials into everyday objects.

Over the past decade, Atelier NL has developed a unique research methodology that transforms local clay and sand into ceramic and glass objects that showcase the richness of the earth. Their work calls for an expanded valuation of local sourcing and production by focusing on the subtleties of the natural world.

Atelier NL co-founders Nadine Sterk and Lonny van Ryswyck explore the idea that integration of local earth products into daily life is a critical step towards greater environmental balance.

The Eindhoven-based studio also designed this year's Dezeen Awards trophies, made from London clay.

Judges comments: "This studio shows a consistent sensitivity throughout their work, concentrating on local materials and responsible production practices whilst also maintaining a very high level of aesthetics throughout all their projects. They tackle ideas such as sense of place and geographic specificity successfully, making the conversation about sustainable practices a richer one. Using impressively rigorous and interesting design thinking, they create beautiful objects with good craftsmanship."

Studio: Atelier NL
Winner of: Designer of the year
Read more: Atelier NL

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