2018 results

Hidden Tints
by Note Design Studio

Winner: Residential Interior of the Year 2018. Note Design Studio used shades of yellow, green and pink when transforming this old Stockholm office into a home.

Over a century old, the 200-square-metre property in Stockholm was previously the head office of a fashion brand. The clients asked local design collective Note Design Studio to transform it into a family home that maintained its "19th century splendour".

Instead of opting for the Scandinavian minimalism of many contemporary renovations, the designers chose to create a colour palette based on some of the tones already there. They then applied these pastel hues to walls, mouldings, and door and window frames.

"We added tones to the original colour scale, which worked as a bridge between the powerful original hues, finally ending up with an eight-tone palette that originated from the hidden traces of the old apartment," explained interior architect Sanna Wåhlin.

These old traits and peculiarities helped to transform the white office space into a contemporary space. The result is a rich colour experience, inspired by the original splendour.

Judges comments: "This residential restoration project is both sensitive and historically competent. By using colours that are connected with the country, the project displays an impressive and thoughtful use of colour."

Designer: Note Design Studio
Project: Hidden Tints
Winner of: Residential interior of the year
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