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2018 results

House in Miyamoto
by Tato Architects

Winner: House of the Year 2018. Japanese studio Tato Architects designed this house in Osaka as a single room containing multiple platforms.

This house in Osaka was designed by Tato Architects for a family of three, who wanted a home with an open interior that facilitates a stronger connection between its occupants.

The interior of the building, which is equivalent in scale to a typical two-storey dwelling, is divided up to create dedicated functional zones connected by a spiralling sequence of wooden steps. The result is a spatial composition of versatile areas that can adapt to the family's lifestyle.

This Japanese home doesn't isolate family members between walls, but rather encourages togetherness. "The client requested that the members of the family can feel close to each other regardless of where they are in the house," said the studio, which is based in nearby Kobe.

Judges comments: "This project questions the way we think about sections in a house and how privacy plays a role in today’s homes. It explores how we can share spaces with other people in a new and contemporary way. It is different, unique and features clever use of space and interesting blending between infrastructure and furniture."

Architect: Tato Architects
Project: House in Miyamoto
Winner of: House of the year
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