2018 results

Bake Cheese Tart Abeno Harukas Shop
by Yagyug Douguten

Winner: Retail Interior of the Year 2018. This Bake Cheese Tart shop has galvanised surfaces and is located in a downtown area of Osaka.

Designer Fumitaka Suzuki of Yagyug Douguten has used hard and industrial plating in this shop interior to contrast against the product sold inside.

The shop, housed in the lively market hall of a department store in Osaka, was also designed to evoke the heat and scent of the freshly baked cheese tarts that it sells .

Surrounded by a wrap-around glass facade, the cheese tarts are made on site in a galvanised metal kitchen with the baking process in full view.

"We felt that rather than shouting in the hustle-bustle to gain the attention of customers, the shop would actually stand out if it remained in tranquility like a temple, attracting attention to the products. A glass wall was installed to divide the shop from the surrounding environment, and a symbolic ringed hole was provided in only the area where customers are served." explained the designer.

The Japanese shop interior also has a strong connection with its location, an area of the city known for both its metal factories and historic temples, according to the designer. Fumitaka Suzuki aimed to create a “pleasant mismatch”, inspired by local history and material, in the hope of triggering interest to the region as well as the product.

Judges comments: "A very beautiful project, with exquisite detailing, materiality and execution. The material and product are synched well with each other within the space."

Designer: Fumitaka Suzuki of Yagyug Douguten
Project: Bake Cheese Tart Abeno Harukas Shop
Winner of: Retail interior of the year

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