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Design Museum move will "help nurture a new
generation of creative talent"- Deyan Sudjic

Dezeen Wire:
the director of London's Design Museum Deyan Sudjic claims the museum's new home at the former Commonwealth Institute will offer a platform for future designers and that Britain can regain its reputation as creative power, "provided we go on investing in design" – The Guardian

Sudjic describes the Design Museum's original incarnation at the Victoria & Albert museum as "a little like an upmarket squatter in the V&A basement," but suggests that "contemporary design is now firmly on the cultural agenda." He claims that Britain must support design education in order to stay ahead of emerging economies, adding that "design is a way to create or safeguard jobs."

James Dyson also recently wrote an article on the importance of design to the British economy and we previously reported on the Design Museum's current building being up for sale.

Conran's designs "don't quite communicate the
fun he has got out of life"- The Guardian

Dezeen Wire:
in his latest article for The Guardian, architecture and design critic Rowan Moore interviews Terence Conran ahead of an exhibition dedicated to his career at the Design Museum, which opens on 16 November.

In the article Moore suggest that Conran's greatest successes have been the businesses he's founded rather than the products or interiors he's designed, which Moore adds are "a little too managed, manipulated, packaged and don't quite communicate the fun he has got out of life, as if constrained by some invisible boundary."