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16 videos about Dezeen Awards to help you prepare your entry ahead of the 2 June deadline

With the entry deadline less than 30 days away, VDF teams up with Dezeen Awards today. Here we present a playlist of 16 Dezeen Awards videos to help you prepare your entries, plus at 1pm we'll speak live to judges and winners in a series of conversations sponsored by design brand Hem.

Launched in 2018, Dezeen Awards has become the benchmark for international design excellence and the ultimate accolade for architects and designers everywhere.

The YouTube video playlist includes films about the trophies winners receive, interviews with judges about how they choose winners and features on past winners. The movies can also be watched below.

VDF x Dezeen Awards is sponsored by Stockholm-based independent design brand Hem.

Atelier NL design Dezeen Awards trophy

Atelier NL co-founders Nadine Sterk and Lonny van Ryswyk explain how they used London clay to create the trophies for Dezeen Awards in this movie Dezeen filmed at their Eindhoven studio. See how last year's winners are showing off their trophies.

Dezeen Awards trophy references London architecture

In this movie, Dutch design studio Atelier NL reveal the completed hand-made trophies that all winners receive.

Architecture project of the year 2019: A Room for Archaeologists and Kids

A wooden pavilion designed to provide shelter for archaeologists that was named architecture project of the year 2019 shows that architecture "does not need to be complicated", said Dezeen Awards 2019 judge and architect Lyndon Neri in this movie.

Interiors project of the year 2019: Piazza Dell'Ufficio

Piazza Dell'Ufficio by Branch Studio Architects, which was named interior project of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, teaches children about the power of design, said judge Eva Jiricna in this movie.

Located in a suburb of Melbourne, the renovation of the administration offices of Caroline Chisholm College attempts to reduce visual barriers between staff and students.

Design project of the year 2019: Aguahoja I by Mediated Matter Group

Aguahoja I by Mediated Matter Group, which was named design project of the year at Dezeen Awards 2019, could be used in architecture, said 2019 judge Nelly Ben Hayoun in this movie produced by Dezeen.

Dezeen Awards 2019 judging day

Dezeen Awards 2019 winners were selected by 16 leading architects and designers. The Dezeen Awards master jury day included French designers Philippe Starck, Matali Crasset and Nelly Ben Hayoun.

Storefront Theatre by Matthew Mazzotta

In this movie, artist Matthew Mazzotta explained how the success of The Storefront Theater, which won him architecture project of the year 2018 at the inaugural Dezeen Awards, came down to the way the local community has made use of it.

Interiors project of the year 2018: Lascaux International Centre for Cave Art

The Dezeen Awards jury voted unanimously to name Casson Mann's designs for the Lascaux International Centre for Cave Art as interior project of the year 2018. Jury chair Brittney Hart explained why in this Dezeen movie.

Design project of the year 2018: Windvogel by Studio Roosegaarde

The Dezeen Awards jury named Windvogel by Studio Roosegaarde as design project of the year for the way the light-emitting kites draw attention to a new renewable energy source, said jury chair Paul Priestman in this movie.

Architecture project of the year 2018: The Storefront Theater by Matthew Mazzotta

Dezeen Awards 2018 jury chair Michel Rojkind explained why Matthew Mazzotta's modest, retractable The Storefront Theater beat projects by leading international firms to be crowned architecture project of the year.

Dezeen Awards winners sum up architecture and design in one word

What would you say if you won a Dezeen award? In this movie, the Dezeen Awards 2018 winners sum up their work in a single word.

Micha Weidmann Studio uses colour and movement to animate Dezeen Awards 2018 ceremony

Graphic designer Micha Weidmann Studio collaborated with photographer Leon Chew to create the visual identity for the Dezeen Awards 2018 ceremony.

Sarah Izod interview: The creative director talks about the Dezeen Awards ceremony

In this movie, architect Sarah Izod explained how she drew from the children's book Where the Wild Things Are to create an other-worldly ceremony for the inaugural Dezeen Awards in 2018.

Izod is also a Dezeen Awards 2020 judge and will be assessing entries across in two design categories.

Dezeen Awards judges on trends in architecture

The master jury for the architecture categories at Dezeen Awards 2018 discussed the trends that emerged from this year's entries in this movie filmed at the judging day in London in September 2018.

Dezeen Awards judges on trends in interior design

The Dezeen Awards 2018 interiors shortlist showed how social media is affecting the spaces designers create, according to judges featured in this movie.

Dezeen Awards judges on trends in design

Members of the Dezeen Awards 2018 design master jury discussed how the shortlist revealed the increasing focus on sustainability in contemporary design.