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Mezzanine bedroom in white-walled apartment

Ten bedrooms tucked away on cosy mezzanine levels

A forest cabin and an apartment in a New York warehouse feature in this lookbook, which shines a light on ten homes with snug bedrooms raised on mezzanine levels.

Mezzanines are half-storeys inserted between a floor and ceiling to create extra space or distinct zones for different activities.

They are popularly used as platforms for bedrooms, particularly in open-plan residences, because they create privacy from adjoining living spaces.

The examples below demonstrate the potential of a mezzanine bedroom as a space-saving tool for small homes, but also as a way to take advantage of tall ceilings in lofty residences.

This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen's archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks including warm wood-clad kitchens, relaxing wet rooms and space-saving bunk beds.

Mezzanine bedroom beneath exposed ceiling
Photo is by Anna Positano

House for a Sea Dog, Italy, by Dodi Moss

An exposed roof structure, floors of unvarnished wood and a plaster wall create a rustic look for the mezzanine bedroom in this loft apartment in a 17th-century building in Genoa.

The home was designed by Dodi Moss to feel as open and spacious as possible, so the level change is used to provide privacy for the sleeping area as opposed to solid partitions and walls.

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Sleeping area on raised platform

La Dominique, Spain, by RÄS

Sliding polycarbonate panels line one side of the sleeping platform in this Barcelona residence, allowing light to enter the space while separating it from the floor below.

Its designer, RÄS, finished the space with black decorative tiles that contrast with the rough-painted white brick wall that borders one side.

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Kitchen and study below mezzanine bedroom
Photo is by Michael Vahrenwald

Bed-Stuy Loft, USA, by New Affiliates

New Affiliates inserted this mezzanine above the study and kitchen area of the Bed-Stuy Loft apartment in New York to create a bedroom beneath its high ceilings.

The sleeping area, which sits alongside a raised dressing area, is finished with plywood and white metal-mesh panels that nod to the industrial heritage of the building in which it is located.

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White-walled bedroom
Photo is by Alex Delaunay

Hike, France, by SABO Project

Alternating tread stairs lead up to this cosy bedroom, which SABO Project placed on a half-level when optimising floor space in a 72-square-metre apartment in Paris.

The bedroom provides a sleeping area for guests and uses a skylight and a wall of translucent glass panels to maximise light while ensuring privacy.

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Photo is by Stephen Kent Johnson

UWS Apartment, USA, by Stadt Architecture

Stadt Architecture introduced a mezzanine to a narrow 1970s condominium in New York in order to create a larger bedroom and bathroom for its owner.

Set against exposed brickwork walls, the platform is finished with a dark walnut floor that helps unify it with the level below. The bed's headboard doubles as a balustrade, while its base contains hidden storage.

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Child's bedroom in Barbican Estate apartment
Photo is by Anton Rodriguez

Barbican Mezzanine, UK, by Francisco Sutherland Architects

Set under the vaulted ceiling of an apartment in London's Barbican Estate, this children's bedroom forms part of a wooden mezzanine structure that also contains a bathroom and wardrobes.

Francisco Sutherland Architects lined the sleeping element of the volume with a wall of shutters that provide privacy while opening the room out to an adjoining bedroom below.

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Loft apartment in New York
Photo is by Michael Moran

Soho Loft, USA, by Julian King

A mezzanine with sculptural white walls was among the features that architect Julian King introduced in his reconfiguration of a tall and long warehouse apartment in New York.

Taking advantage of the home's high ceilings, the intervention allowed King to relocate the bedroom to a higher level and create a more fluid, open layout for the owner.

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Minimal mezzanine bedroom
Photo is by Maja Wirkus

K907, Poland, by Thisispaper Studio

This sleeping area is hidden within a boxy plywood volume that Thisispaper Studio inserted into a pared-back holiday apartment in an old print warehouse in Warsaw.

Its design helps maximise floor space while drawing attention to the lofty dimensions of the apartment, which enhances its minimalist aesthetic.

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Bedroom with wooden walls
Photo is by Ricardo Oliveira Alves

Rural House in Portugal, Portugal, by HBG Architects

Built within an old granite community oven in the village of Aldeia de João Pires, this holiday home contains a wood-lined mezzanine that maximises space below its original gable roof.

The platform, which also contains a second bathroom, is accessed by steps that double as a table and concealed behind slats of wood that ensure privacy while allowing light inside.

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Cabin sleeping area
Photo is by Martin Dimitrov

Inhabit, USA, by Antony Gibbon Designs

This mezzanine bedroom sits above a kitchen in a stilted wooden treehouse built by Antony Gibbon Designs in a forest in Upstate New York.

The cosy wood-lined bedroom looks out through a wall of glazing that runs upwards from the ground floor of the cabin, framing views of the surrounding trees and Catskills mountains.

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This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen's archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks including warm wood-clad kitchens, relaxing wet rooms and space-saving bunk beds.