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Pink and turquoise Fels stools by OUT

Ten furniture designs made from sustainable materials

Dezeen Showroom: a stool made from wood sourced through sustainable forestry and a 3D-printed chair made from recycled fishing nets are among the latest furniture designs on Dezeen Showroom that use sustainable materials.

Designers and brands are continually improving the sustainability of their designs in an attempt to lessen the negative impact on the environment, from the production and manufacturing stages to the longevity and lifecycle of the final product.

Included in this selection are products designed to follow circular economy principles, where parts can be replaced, repaired and recycled to increase the lifespan of the materials.

Also featured are furniture pieces made from recycled materials, including PET plastic bottles, cardboard and coffee waste.

From tables made from washed up sea plants to chairs with castor oil-based bioplastic seats, here's a selection of the latest furniture designs made from sustainable materials on Dezeen Showroom.

Three wooden Fels stolls by OUT around a wooden table

Fels stool by OUT

Fels is a sculptural stool created by Berlin-based brand OUT, which is made from wood obtained through sustainable forestry.

The materials are forested in Germany and Austria at a rate that maintains the environment's biodiversity and productivity, then handcrafted into Fels stools in Germany.

Available in a natural wood finish or in a range of bright colours, Fels has a jagged profile designed to give the appearance of carved stone.

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Kelp Collection chair by Interesting Times Gang

Kelp Collection chair by Interesting Times Gang

The Kelp Collection chair by Swedish studio Interesting Times Gang is made from recycled fishing nets, which gives it a bright green colour.

The fishing nets are combined with recycled FSC-certified wood fibres to create the furniture's bio-composite material, which is 3D printed to create the chair's curving form.

Interesting Times Gang designed the chair to bring awareness to the eradication of kelp forests due to unsustainable fishing practices and rising sea temperatures.

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Two black Fluit chairs by Actiu next to a table, plant and lamp

Fluit chair by Archirivolto Design for Actiu

Created by Italian studio Archirivolto Design in collaboration with furniture brand Actiu, Fluit is a lightweight chair designed for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Around 80 per cent of the chair's material is polypropylene plastic recycled from the agricultural food sector, while the remaining 20 per cent is recycled fibreglass which increases its strength.

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Flek Pure by 3form used as a partition wall with chairs behind

Flek Pure by 3form is a completely recycled architectural material

Flek Pure is a recycled material created by architectural material manufacturer 3form to resemble terrazzo.

The material is made from 100 per cent recycled materials sourced from 3form's in-house factory waste. The terrazzo look comes from pelletised trimmings of the brand's resin products.

Available in a range of translucent colours, Flek Pure can be used to produce privacy partitions, room dividers, accent pieces and exterior walls.

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Brown Bowl table by Mater with a plant on top

Bowl table by Ayush Kasliwal for Mater

Danish furniture brand Mater has released Bowl, a table made from the brand's Mater Circular Material which combines fibrous industrial waste with recycled plastic.

Mater developed the composite material with the aim of progressing their existing furniture collection from being sustainable to circular.

Bowl is available in two versions – one made from coffee shell waste and the other from sawdust. Plastic waste from bathroom fittings brand Grohe is recycled and acts as a binder.

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White and purple Chatpod 700 by Impact Acoustics with seating inside

Chatpod 700 by Jeffrey Ibañez for Impact Acoustic

Made from recycled materials, Impact Acoustic created the Chatpod 700 booth to provide a quiet meeting space for up to four people.

The booth's structure is made from recycled cardboard and pressed sawdust. Recycled PET bottles are used to create the acoustic cladding and the felt-like interior finish.

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Birch and black LoopKitchen by Stykka in a concrete room

LoopKitchen by Stykka

LoopKitchen by Danish startup Stykka is a kitchen with a circular design intended to increase its lifecycle.

The kitchen is made from replaceable birch plywood parts with optional Forbo linoleum fronts available in over 20 colours.

Users can replace parts of the kitchen as they get worn, broken or if they would like a new colour. Stykka then reuses or recycles the used parts.

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Two Dina chairs by Beit Collective with yellow and blue woven seats and backrests

Dina chair by Adam Nathaniel Furman for Beit Collective

Adam Nathanial Furman has designed the Dina chair for Beit Collective, a colourful interpretation of traditional Lebanese "Khayzaran" chairs.

Instead of the traditional use of cane, Dina's woven seat and backrest are made from durable castor oil-based bioplastic.

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Round Oceanides table by Alex Mint in a grassy wetland

Oceanides table collection by Alexia Mintsouli for Alex Mint

Oceanides is a collection of tables made from marble and the sea plant Posidonia Oceanica, designed by Alexia Mintsouli for UK studio Alex Mint.

By upcycling Posidonia Oceanica leaves that are washed up on the shore into tabletops, Alex Mint aimed to create a more eco-friendly furniture piece.

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Black and natural wood Cross Bar chairs by Takt at a high table

Cross Bar chair by Pearson Lloyd for Takt

Design studio Pearson Lloyd created the Cross Bar chair for Takt with replaceable elements that can be repaired or recycled, extending the chair's lifecycle.

The chair is available in three finishes of oak and can be optionally upholstered in a choice of eco-labelled textiles.

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