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Rasomuro 55s door by Lualdi blending into the wall of a hallway

Minimalist interior doors from Lualdi feature on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Lualdi has presented a selection of minimalist pivot and swing doors on Dezeen Showroom, including doors with panels made from glass, carved wood and woven leather.

Made from a 55-millimetre-thick door panel in an aluminium frame, Lualdi designed the Compass 55 to pivot with a dramatic visual effect.

Navy Compass 55 pivot door by Lualdi in a cream hallway
Instead of hinging on one side, the Compass 55 door pivots with dramatic effect

The brand describes the door as being comparable to a large, silent stage curtain.

The Compass 55 door panel is available in a range of materials, including oak and Canaletto walnut veneer, and matte or glossy lacquer paints.

Two white Rasomuro 55s doors by Lualdi in a sage hallway
Similar to other doors from Lualdi, Rasomuro 55s sit flush with the wall

Lualdi's Rasomuro 55s door is designed to camouflage with the wall and features concealed hinges and an invisible aluminium door jamb.

"Rasomuro 55s is an architectural element that moves from one space to the next thanks to an elusive, exclusive and almost immaterial design," said the brand.

One open door and one closed door by Lualdi in a teal hallway
The Rasoline 55s door has a decorative metal edge

The Rasoline 55s door is designed to sit flush with the wall and each side of the door can be finished in different materials to suit the room it is in.

The door features decorative metal edging, which is available in natural aluminium, matte black, matte white and bronze finishes.

Glossy navy Rasovetro 55s door by Lualdi
The Rasovetro 55s door is characterised by it's reflective glass surface

With glazed panels available in classic and back-lacquered finishes, the Rasovetro 55s door was created by Lualdi to celebrate the transparency, brightness and lightness of glass.

"From an aesthetic perspective, these doors develop their originality thanks to glass – a clean material by nature," said Lualdi.

Woven leather door by Lualdi in a teal painted room
The Altaj door has a decorative bronze outline

Italian design studio SBGA Blengini Ghirardelli designed the Altaj door for Lualdi, which has a door panel that protrudes from a decorative bronze aluminium outline to create subtle depth and shadow.

The door's central panel can be finished in a variety of materials, including back-painted glass, woven leather, and wood veneer with carved patterns.

Close up of a door with wooden carvings in the profile
The Altaj door comes in a decorative wood veneer option that features carved patterns

Lualdi is an Italian brand that specialises in designing bespoke doors and furnishings for residential, business and hotel interiors.

Founded in 1860, the brand aims to create high-quality and innovative products for everyday spaces.

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