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Brown office booths in interior

Ten noise-regulating acoustic products for communal interiors

Dezeen Showroom: a range of office pods designed for group and individual working and a modular system of noise-dampening lights are the latest acoustic products to be featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Also included in the selection are panels that take cues from historic design periods by Woven Image, a work booth that caters to neurodiverse people by Nook and sound-absorbing lampshades by De Vorm.

Acoustic products have exterior coverings made from compressed fibres such as wool, foam or felt that absorb sound waves, helping to reduce reverberation and dampen general noise levels in enclosed areas.

They are commonly specified in open-plan offices where they help to facilitate both individual and group working, but can also be useful across mixed-use, public, education and healthcare spaces.

Read on to see the latest acoustic products from a variety of internationally recognised manufacturers and brands featured on Dezeen Showroom:

Singular Phonebooth pod by Kettal

Phonebooth meeting pods by Kettal

Furniture design company Kettal has released its Phonebooth office pods, which can be placed into open-plan workspaces to create both meeting and focus rooms.

The pods come in small, large and extra large sizes for individual, two-person and four-person use and all feature a sound-absorption system to keep the interior quiet.

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Black Ion wall panel by Woven Image

Zen and Ion acoustic panels by Woven Image

Woven Image's Zen and Ion acoustic panels have embossed relief patterns informed by Japanese zen gardens and origami.

The panels are 280 centimetres high and can be applied in continuous planes for a seamless finish and thorough acoustic insulation.

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Wood and black Zen pods by Abstracta with wooden slats against the glass exterior

Zen Pod office booth by Staffan Holm for Abstracta

Acoustic product manufacturer Abstracta collaborated with designer Staffan Holm to create work pods that take cues from Japanese design principles.

The Zen Pod has minimalist finish options and can facilitate private meetings, calls and focused work without making the user feel isolated from their surroundings.

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Fost Bulb PET felt acoustic lamp by De Vorm

Fost Bulb PET Felt acoustic lamp by De Vorm

De Vorm's Fost Bulb PET Felt light shades are made from recycled bottles and are characterised by their grooved top detailing.

The fittings facilitate both general illumination and noise regulation, and come in 11 tones including playful bright hues and neutrals.

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Photograph showing a row of sensory pods in high-ceilinged room

Sensory Nook acoustic pods by Nook

Sensory Nook is the latest product by acoustic pod brand Nook, and aims to help neurodiverse people work and learn in office and education environments.

The pods contain additional extras including mirrors, lighting and vibrating seats to alleviate stress and promote relaxation in individuals with dyslexia, ADHD and autism.

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Jetson office pod by Mute Design

Jetson office pod by Mute

The Jetson office pod by workplace furniture brand Mute can be assembled by two people in as little as 30 minutes, according to the brand.

The booths have a lightweight aluminium structure with optional add-ons including whiteboards and bookshelves, as well as interior acoustic panelling.

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Yellow hexagonal pendant lights in a high ceiling open space

Acoustic Static Links lighting by LightArt

LightArt's Acoustic Static Links lighting system can be combined in a range of configurations to create bespoke patterns.

The four components are named X, Y, T, and L and have an LED strip light encased in a felt acoustic exterior for subtle soundproofing in corporate, office and mixed-use settings.

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Kameleon Office Booth by Askia Furniture in workplace

Kameleon Office Booth by Askia Furniture

Romanian brand Askia Furniture has released its Kameleon Office Booth that has magnetic interior and exterior surfaces.

The pod is named after its ability to easily adapt to its surroundings "like a chameleon", according to the brand.

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Vertigo Fine collection by Jeffrey Ibañez for Impact Acoustic

Vertigo Fine collection by Impact Acoustic

Impact Acoustic has created a collection of noise regulating wall and ceiling panels with pinstripe detailing.

Vertigo fine is made from recycled plastic bottles and comes in 28 colours.

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Two Silent Room pods by Narbutas used in an open plan office

Silent Room acoustic pod by Narbutas

Narbutas' Silent Room pods are designed to provide a bright, secluded working environment.

The booth's glazed wall sections allow light to enter the space and have built in power outlets for efficient working.

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