Elvie Curve
by Elvie

Winner: Wearable design of the year 2021. The creation of the Elvie Curve marks the next step in Elvie's mission to transform breastfeeding products.

Designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of modern-day mothers, it ensures that every mum can make the most of every drop of breast milk. As a wearable silicone breast pump, Elvie Curve allows for gentle hands-free expression when feeding or pumping from the other breast or to express full breasts.

Made with soft-touch silicone, the Elvie Curve is designed to fit naturally to the curve of the breast and is worn in-bra for a discreet and comfortable pumping experience.

Judges comments: "A design that not only considers the physical comfort of the user but empowers and gives independence."

Designer: Elvie
Project: Elvie Curve

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