Ørsted Gardens
by Tegnestuen Lokal

Winner: Residential rebirth of the year 2021 Tegnestuen Lokal has transformed a dilapidated building, previously referred to as "the ugliest in its neighbourhood".

The radical transformation grew out of a banal façade renovation, into a drastic alteration of the building's semi-private spaces and a radical reinvention of the façade facing the heavily trafficked street.

Ørsted Gardens aims to create a new social space to bolster the social coherence in the building. That social space is created through a series of glass bays, creating semi-private decks for each resident.

The private balconies, placed on the outside of the access way, are both private and shared, encouraging random meetings between residents.

Judges comments: "It is interesting how they create the intervention. This provides additional space that becomes more fun. This project reflects the capacity of architecture to bring excitement and joy to the city."

Architecture: Tegnestuen Lokal
Project: Ørsted Gardens

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