V&A Fashioned From Nature at the Design Society
by Studio 10

Winner: Exhibition design of the year 2021. Chinese practice Studio 10 has transformed the V&A museum's gallery at the Fumihiko Maki-designed Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shenzhen.

Studio 10 has remodelled the space to host the exhibition Fashioned From Nature, previously displayed in London.

A series of abstract yet poetic spaces have been created as an interpretation and comparison of the eastern and western views of nature, as well as of the evolution from classical through contemporary garden spaces.

The natural views embodied in essentially manmade nature, the gardens, have been examined to evoke reflections upon the relationship between humans and nature, from a fashion as well as a broader perspective of environmental sensitivity and preservation.

Judges comments: "A use of space design that gives the spotlight to the exhibits yet acts as an impressive design by itself, considering the theme of the exhibition in a unique way without overpowering."

Designer: Studio 10
Project: V&A Fashioned From Nature at the Design Society
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