Helfštýn Castle Palace Reconstruction
by Atelier-r

Winner: Rebirth project of the year 2021 Atelier-r has carried out a major renovation of the Helfštýn castle ruins.

Helfštýn castle is the second largest castle complex in the Czech Republic and one of the most visited sites in the region.

In order to immerse the visitors in the historical development of the original renaissance palace, Atelier-r inserted new sightseeing routes into the gaps in the ruins, connecting the ground floor with the newly accessible higher levels of the palace where the historic ceilings had fallen down.

The studio aspired to go beyond the technical reconstruction assignment and strived to complement the historical building with the contemporary architecture that would focus on both practical uses as well as gaining an aesthetic appeal.

Judges comments: "The design elegantly inserts fascinating pathways that take the visitors through an unexpected journey and close reading of the existing ruins that wouldn’t be otherwise possible. The architect's choice of contemporary materials combined with exceptional construction gives the insertion itself a warm and rich colours and textures to complement the ancient construction."

Architect: Atelier-r
Project: Helfštýn Castle Palace Reconstruction

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