Bamboo Bamboo, Canopy and Pavilions
by LLLab

Winner: Small building of the year 2021 Shanghai-based firm LLLab designed the bamboo canopy and pavilions for the site of the Impression Sanjie Liu light show.

The project introduces two new systems to integrate into the existing natural texture while forming a kind of emotional perception and the foreshadowing of story culture.

The first system the "woven bamboo" is the lantern structure space made of handmade bamboo, scattered in the flow-line area of the entrance, and used as an experience/cultural and creative sales/rest space point to experience the impression of Liu Sanjie's culture before entering the venue.

The Handmade Bamboo Art Gallery forms a layer of hand-woven "bamboo nets" between the bamboo clumps, providing a walking area that can shelter rainfall.

Judges comments: "Canopies and pavilions often offer opportunities to experiment in design. The use of Bamboo has become almost fashionable in recent times; this project however makes excellent and innovative use of Bamboo in a precious landscape with endless greenery; the new construction like a cloud extends nature without competing with it."

Architect: LLLab
Project: Bamboo Bamboo, Canopy and Pavilions

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