PokoPoko Clubhouse
by Klein Dytham Architecture

Winner: Hospitality building of the year 2021 PokoPoko is a clubhouse and activity centre near the town of Nasu by Tokyo-based Klein Dytham Architecture.

PokoPoko has a triplet of pinewood roof cones in a forest clearing. Each giant cone has its own function. One houses a kitchen and pizza oven for guests to cook vegetables from a nearby field, another has a central fireplace to cosy up to at night. The third has a conical climbing net that stretches from a circular ball pool to reach the view from the rooftop skylight.

Judges comments: The judges were impressed by "the simple idea of combining three low technology cones made of local pine to create a fitting and unique response externally. The delight of the grouping though is most impressive in the light, scale, proportion and comfort of the group in making a playful clubhouse enjoyed by all ages with a feeling that one lives in a forest."

Architect: Klein Dytham Architecture
Project: PokoPoko Clubhouse
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