Remembering a Brave New World
by Chila Kumari Burman

Winner: Installation design of the year 2021 Chila Kumari has adorned Tate Britain's neoclassical facade with a neon light installation.

Selected as the fourth artist to complete Tate Britain's outdoor commission, Kumari's installation references mythology, Bollywood and radical feminism all key themes Kumari explored throughout her practice as a professional artist.

The design inauguration coincided with Diwali, an Indian festival that celebrates light's victory over darkness.

The design combined Indian myths and customs with memories of family visits to the Blackpool Illuminations and her parents' ice cream van. The final installation resulted in a stunning display, celebrating light with uplifting neon figures, bling, glitter and kaleidoscopic colour.

Judges comments: "An excellent way to tell new stories on a neoclassical facade. It can be understood and appreciated on so many levels. We were swayed by the pure joy of this project. This installation gives us what we need in these difficult times."

Designer: Chila Kumari Burman
Project: Remembering a Brave New World

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