Senscommon designs unisex raincoat for cyclists with split hem to keep legs dry

Amsterdam fashion label Senscommon has combined high-tech fabrics with functional fastenings to create a waterproof coat designed specifically for cyclists (+ movie).

The Cyclist Raincoat is a lightweight unisex overcoat designed to suit the needs and movements of those on two wheels.

Cyclist Raincoat by Senscommon

Described by the brand as a "minimalist tech-wear item", it is made from a technical fabric developed by Senscommon, which is a combination of nylon and polyester.

To make it waterproof and breathable, it coated with Hipora – a three-layer membrane – and later given a waxed coating that has been airbrushed to create a matte finish.

Cyclist Raincoat by Senscommon

Towards the bottom of the coat, the hem splits into two on the front and back. Push button fastenings around the splits allow cyclists to fasten the coat around their legs, keeping them dry and secure.

Sleeves are tapered, and the hood can be adjusted for different head and helmet sizes.

Cyclist Raincoat by Senscommon

The raincoat is the product of four years of observation, research and experimentation with different concepts of a raincoat suited for cycling.

Senscommon has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the coat, with bundles including additional accessories such as a bike light, keyring and waterproof drawstring bag.

Cyclist Raincoat by Senscommon

As cycling becomes increasingly popular among city commuters around the world, designers are responding to a perceived need for more stylish items for riders that move away from the lycra-clad stereotype.

Fashion designer Sara Henrichs launched a range of high-visibility clothing for nighttime biking, while Marlies Schets wove a collection of accessories from retro-reflective thread so they become luminous after dark.

Photography is by Sabrina Bongiovanni.