Bellevue lamp by &Tradition in white next to green railings and a lounge chair

Bellevue lamp by Arne Jacobsen among new products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: a minimalist floor lamp designed by Danish Modernist architect Arne Jacobsen is among 14 new products on Dezeen Showroom.

Grey Bellevue lamp standing next to a bright blue upholstered chair

Bellevue lamp by Arne Jacobsen for &Tradition

Danish brand &Tradition has released an anniversary edition of Arne Jacobsen's Bellevue floor lamp in celebration of the architect's 120th birthday.

Originally designed by Jacobsen in 1929, the floor lamp is now available in white and stone grey finishes.

The Bellevue lamp was featured on Dezeen Showroom this week, alongside a vase made from recycled glass and office pods that create sound-insulated spaces within the workplace.

Read on to see the rest of this week's products:

Support meeting room by Kettal used in an open plan office with plants and large windows

Support office meeting spaces by Kettal

Support is an open-plan meeting space designed by Kettal as a place for colleagues to gather in the office.

The Support models can be inserted into existing offices and feature acoustic panels that help control noise levels.

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Pivot lamps by De Vorm in green and black

Pivot PET felt adjustable lamp by De Vorm

Pivot is a bell-shaped pendant light made from recycled PET felt, created by Dutch design brand De Vorm.

Suitable for workplaces and commercial settings, the felt lampshades come in 11 colour choices and can be tilted to direct the light.

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Pink and red Vivid 202 carpet tiles by Signature Floors

Vivid 202 carpet tiles by Signature Floors

Signature Floors has released a collection of carpet tiles that are intended to offer designers creative flexibility.

Named Vivid 202, the collection is made up of 202 colour finishes in 10 different tile shapes that can be mixed and matched.

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Navy vase and tumbler from the Phoenician collection by Beit Collective with pink flowers in

Phoenician by Adam Nathaniel Furman for Beit Collective

Phoenician is a collection of recycled glass vases and tumblers designed by Adam Nathanial Furman for Lebanese homeware brand Beit Collective.

The collection is made using a traditional Phoenician glassblowing technique and is available in clear, turquoise and navy coloured glass.

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Hub Curved by Kettal in a large office space

Hub Curved meeting room pod by Kettal

Hub Curved is a modular pod designed by Kettal that provides flexible, enclosed workspaces in offices.

The pod is made from aluminium and provides three separate zones that can be used as meeting spaces and breakout rooms.

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Staggered Scandal Pendant by Articolo

Staggered Scandal Pendant by Articolo

The Staggered Scandal Pendant light by Articolo is made up of three elongated mouth-blown glass elements.

The pendant's metalwork is available in a range of finishes, including brass, bronze, satin nickel and black electroplate.

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Green and grey Contour carpet tiles by IVC Commercial used to zone a room

Contour carpet tile collection by IVC Commercial

Flooring brand IVC Commercial has released a carpet tile collection informed by architectural geometry.

Named Contour, the collection is designed to be mixed and matched to create interesting patterns or to differentiate zones within open-plan spaces.

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Meeting Room pod with glass doors by Kettal

Meeting Room office furniture by Kettal

Furniture manufacturer Kettal has launched Meeting Room, a modular office pod that comes in different sizes that can accommodate between two and 10 people at a time.

Meeting Room can be used within an open office space and is designed with acoustic panels to reduce noise levels.

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Pink Donna wall lights in a white restaurant with wooden chairs

Donna wall light by Nina Jobs and Stina Sandwall for Pholc

The Donna wall lights were designed by Nina Jobs and Stina Sandwall for Swedish brand Pholc to have a surface that appears like pleats in fabric.

The lights have a ribbed texture made from aluminium and come in a range of muted colours, including Linen, Blush, desaturated Black Inc and mustard-hued Autumn Leaves.

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Green colour collection lamps by Innermost over a green bar

Colour collection lamps by Innermost

British lighting brand Innermost has expanded its pendant light designs to include a new range of bright colours.

The brand's Hoxton and Chelsea lamps are now available in pink, purple, yellow, dusky blue, forest green and olive.

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Dedar Archive Prints fabric draped over a sideboard

Archive Prints fabric collection by Dedar

Archive Prints is a collection of fabrics that combines textile influences from both eastern and western cultures.

Designed by Italian brand Dedar, the collection features historic motifs from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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Raw Elements carpet tiles by Signature Floors in a black showroom

Raw Elements carpet tiles by Signature Floors

Signature Floors has released a carpet tile collection named Raw Elements that features an earthy colour palette.

The colours and patterns used in the collection were informed by the appearance of sedimentary and igneous rocks.

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Singular Phonebooth pod by Kettal

Phonebooth meeting pods by Kettal

Phonebooth is an acoustic office pod by Kettal that is available in small, large and extra-large sizes.

The pod was designed to create a sense of privacy for employees in busy working environments.

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